Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day is a little less than a month away. I like decorating for Valentine’s Day because it gives me an excuse to do things extra girly without too many complaints. Like put pink & a big heart on the front door wreath!

Here’s what I did!

I bought a HUGE wire wreath frame at Hobby Lobby & used the extra wide burlap ribbon- I believe it’s 8″ to make a giant bubble wreath. Here’s my favorite tutorial for this.

Then I added the pink chevron ribbon with floral wire, attaching it at every intersection. I made a big white bow & tacked that on with floral wire too. Here’s a good tutorial for the bow.

I finished it off with a wooden heart I grabbed in the one spot at Target. I also found some silver, chipboard letters in the one spot. I glued them on with some quick dry glue.

I hung the sign up right behind the wreath.

I love it! Do you do a Valentine’s Day wreath?

Blessings Y’all,…