Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel

We’ve been using an extremely old Sharp microwave for about 3 years now. Even out of the box, the Sharp model never really worked all too well. It took forever to heat food, and attempting to defrost something felt like it took a mini eternity.

My moms birthday is coming up, and we celebrated it this past weekend. Numerous times I heard her moaning about the microwave, so I figured what better a gift to surprise her with than a microwave?

I checked 3 different stores for a model that was within a fair price, and looked like something she/we would like best.

I went with the Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel, Model #NN-T664SF which I found at Target on sale for $119.99.


The sleek design is what made me primarily choose this particular microwave above all others. It has a gorgeous sleek black door, and a stainless steel body. The microwaves control buttons are all located on the right hand side of the microwaves door.

The microwave has a power output of 1,300 watts with inverter technology. What I loved best, and what I knew my mom would love best was the 1 touch sensor cook. Basically you can plop your food into the microwave and hit the sensor cook button. The microwave will heat up food without any guesswork involved on your part.

Inside the microwave, there is a round glass rotating plate, to ensure proper heating all throughout your food.


The Sharp microwave we previously had contained a 1.2cu.ft. of space inside of it. The Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven contains the same 1.2cu.ft as well, but it’s casing was not as large as our older model. Although it can fit the exact same amount of food into it, it did seem smaller. This is an illusion though, as it was the same size on the inside. It featured enough room to place in a large plate.

All in all the microwave is approximately 8.88Hx14.75Wx15.19D”, which is rather slim, and will take up a lot less space on your counter, without you having to sacrifice the sizes of plates that can go into the microwave.

The Sensor Cook:

This is my all time favorite feature on the microwave. You can literately just plop your cold food into the microwave, hit the sensor cook button, and the microwave will heat the food to the appropriate heating level. Food comes out perfect, never too hot, nor is it ever cold. It’s like the thing knows…has a brain!!!


I came across a few other reviews stating that the defrost takes forever. Maybe they got a dysfunctional model, because the defrost works so quickly, without scorching or cooking food. Our old microwave would take about 5 minutes to defrost frozen meat.

The Panasonic Model #NN-T664SF only takes about a minute to fully defrost meat.


We are simply in love with the Panasonic Microwave. It is by far the best unit we have ever used yet. It cooks up food in record times, the sensor cook is phenomenal, and defrost times were incredible.

For fast heated food I cannot recommend this microwave more. For the price I paid, I am shocked at how well its worked.…

Halloween Breakfast Ideas

It’s FRIYAY! Good Morning my Friends! Hope you all have fun weekend plans! I’ll be finishing up all my crafts for my show next weekend. Hoping & praying for a drop in the temperature. This October heat is terribly too much! If you were here you’d agree.

Moving on…Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so you’ll have plenty of time to sleep in then make a festive breakfast & hang around to eat it. Right? Right. Therefore you need inspiration! Boy, have I found it all. Thanks to my bff/timesucker/obsession: Pinterest.

Here’s 31 delicious ideas for breakfast on October 31 or any day in October for that matter. Better not make these after the 31st though or they’ll find you. Then they’ll want some of your breakfast too. Who in their right mind would share breakfast food? The most important meal of the day. You need all that breakfastness for yourself so you can gather all the candy possible then gobble it up in 2.785609 seconds.

So, here’s some grand ideas folks.

These are being made in the Mealey household this month people! Expect an instagram post soon. ?? You can find the instructions at It’s Always Autumn.

Crypt keeper crescents from Our Best Bites.

Candy Corn Waffles from Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

I wouldn’t mind one of these monster eye cinnamon rolls from Sweet Treats More.

Pumpkin drop doughnuts from Lara Ferroni.

Mini pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Two Peas & Their Pod.

How about some fruit bowls to counteract all those donuts? Frugal Coupon Living’s got you covered.

Monster blood & guts from Lauren’s Latest.

Halloween hot chocolate from Your Home Based Mom is basically a Halloween necessity.

Spider pancakes from Mama Papa Bubba.

Pumpkin oranges from Milk and Cuddles. So adorable they almost make me want to eat an orange!

Mummy doughnuts from Plain Chicken.

This pumpkin French toast from Cooking Classy looks like it’ll melt in your mouth!

Jackolantern orange rolls from Pillsbury.

These broomsticks from the Etsy blog are made from shredded phyllo dough & get doused with butter & cinnamon/sugar. A scrumptious breakfast for sure. Although it looks a bit time consuming, it may just be worth it for the presentation.

Another one from Cooking Classy, these pumpkin pie pop tarts looks like dessert disguised as breakfast.

Candy corn fruit cups topped off with whipped cream from Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife.

Halloween pancakes from Girl Versus Dough. Get in my belly.

Halloween Greek yogurt fruit dip & spooky fruit snacks from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

These goblin potion smoothies from Clean & Scentsible is another healthy option.

So these mummy hotdogs over at Damn Delicious are a true American classic. How easy would it be to replace the hotdogs with sausage links for a mummy breakfast treat?

Milk and Cuddles came up with these super scary bagels of doom too!

A dark fruit spider complete with beady eyes from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

Broomstick party skewers from Giggles Galore.

How about this Frankenstein smoothie from Mama Papa Bubba to kick off your day of ghoul?

Jackolantern waffles from Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

I want to eat all the spider eggs from Family Fresh Meals.

These baked eyeball eggs from So How’s It Taste will be sure to wake you up!

Because this post was begging for one more donut, this marshmallow powdered version from Pizzazzerie is the simplest & sugariest of breakfast delights.

Spiced ghost pancakes from Taste & Tell Blog. I just love those little whipped cream ghosts on top. Makes me want to squish them.

This spooktacular breakfast from Gourmet Mom on the Go is genius! I’ve always wanted to set up a cereal buffet.

Remember to Pin it for later!!

Now go off & have a fabulous weekend at a pumpkin patch or something else revolving around pumpkins.

All the pumpkin things,


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PEEPS Marshmallow Easter Garland!

Did any of y’all catch my Facebook live disasters last night? Well, first try I had some major craft fails followed by technical difficulties. Once those problems subsided, I tried to come back on. Only to realize after 5 minutes of crafting or so that I was on my personal channel…Oops!

Don’t worry, I’ll attach the videos for your personal amusement at the bottom of the post. Haha! But for now, I’ll supply you with the details & a tutorial for stringing your own PEEPS Garland! I learned a lot from my Pinterest fail the first time around & now I’ve got the “experience” to share my tips!

It found the perfect home on my baking hutch in the kitchen! The bright colors bring a solid spring vibe to the breakfast area. A pair of tacks seem to be holding it up well. I’m already imagining marshmallow PEEPS garland for all the holiday y’all! Since you can find PEEPS for pretty much each season now, it won’t be hard.

To Make Your Own-

1- Gather up supplies: PEEPS in assorted colors, bunny marshmallows (or other springy colored marshmallows), dental floss, long needle, cooking spray (like PAM).

2- Pull out dental floss twice as long as you want the finished garland to be.

3- Thread the needle through the dental floss, folding floss in half with needle in the middle. Tie the two ends of the floss together. *Using an extra long needle works the best. Be sure your needle is longer than your PEEP.

4- Lay a towel down over the workspace. Keep project over towel to manage the mess. Spray dental floss & needle with cooking spray.

5- Start threading the PEEPS on! Pick a pattern or don’t, it’s up to you! I used the smaller marshmallows in between the PEEPS; you can use all PEEPS if you prefer. I’m not sure if you can tell, but they’re actually mini, bunny marshmallows. I found them in the seasonal Easter section at Target. *Be sure to string needle through the top of the head of each PEEP. If you pierce the needle through the body, you risk the chance of your PEEPS turning over.

6- You will need to spray more cooking spray over the floss & the needle as you go along. Otherwise, you will have a big, sticky mess!

7- Leave plenty of floss at each end for tying a loop to hang the garland by. The more PEEPS you add on, the heavier the garland will get. Keep this in mind when considering where you’ll hang it too. It will be hard to tie loops onto the end because of all the cooking spray, but have patience & use a rag to wipe it off!

I decorated the rest of my baking hutch with some yellow Easter grass & pink, plastic eggs. Super simple!

The leftover marshmallows look perfect in a couple of glass canisters! Add them to hot chocolate or homemade rice crispy bars for a real treat!

Don’t forget to pin it for later! —>…