Hot Chocolate- 20 Ways!

It is definitely not cold here in Houston today. But it is December & Christmas is only 11 days away! How crazy! I decided to make everyone’s gifts this year & I’m starting to think it was not my best idea…I’ve hardly started. Ahhhh! I’m going to bury myself in flour & hot glue next week. I was considering of forgoing all my diy gift ideas & just buying gifts. Then I went to the mall Friday afternoon. It is insane already! Not going out there again if I can help it.

Anyways, onto the point of this post. I’ve got an array of hot chocolate recipes for you to try out! I’m totally a hot chocolate kinda girl, especially with a mountain of whip cream on top. Mmmmm. Then some chocolate shavings. To die for on a cold night. Just add a cozy fire.

Red Velvet




Salted Caramel


Pumpkin Spice White



Polar Express (Crock Pot)

Peanut Butter


Cookies & Cream

Mint White






Spicy Mocha

I never knew there were so many hot chocolate flavors! You could try a new one every night up until Christmas. Or pick a few. I really want to make some hot chocolate floats next week! If I do I’ll be sure to share!

Do you call it hot cocoa or hot chocolate?

I wonder if that’s like a soda or pop kind thing……

Chocolate, Cherries & Cream Trifle

This dessert is a little over the top & that’s just what I love about it! You know what else I love about it? How incredibly easy it is to make! A little mixing & a lot of dumping is all it takes to get you to this glorious dessert! It’s all thanks to our pie BFFs, Edwards® Pies!

The Edwards® Hershey Crème Pie & Edwards® Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Pie are 2 of my favorites! I’m more of a chocolate pie person myself, not a fan of fruit pies. So these are exactly what I prefer! While these would make stunning desserts as is, why not take it the next level & turn one (or both) into a trifle!

That’s precisely what I’ve done with the Edwards® Hershey Crème Pie! It’s unbelievably easy, but makes a showstopping finale! It would be a lovely Easter dessert! Edwards pies are truly perfect for every celebration! With so many upcoming festivities- Easter, Mother’s Day, Grad Parties & Summer BBQ’s, a chilled dessert is just the fix!

Follow along for the how to!

First, the pie must come out of the packaging & onto the cutting board. Use a serrated knife to chop the pie into bite size pieces.

Whip up a block of cream cheese till it’s nice & fluffy! Then stir in whipped topping. This creates a luscious filling!

Start layering in your trifle dish, or other large, clear dish, with half of the pie pieces.

Next goes half of the cream cheese mixture, then half of the crushed sandwich cookies.

Lastly, pour in half a can of cherry pie filling & spread around carefully.

Continue with another layer of each ingredient till finished.

Drizzle chocolate syrup all over the top & serve cold with a big ole spoon!

Make sure you store it in the fridge right up until you’re ready to serve it.

You can totally switch things up in the recipe- a different pie flavor, vanilla sandwich cookies, any flavor of pie filling, etc. The sky is limit! Or the grocery store in this case!

Edwards® Pies make this dessert so simple & special! Pick any of their yummy flavors to put your own spin on this dessert. I’d love to hear how you make it your own!

Edwards® pies help you embrace the chaos of life and enjoy every step of the journey. Pause and take time for yourself, indulge without apology and without compromise. Whether it’s celebrating the week’s wins, reconnecting with friends, or making it through another day, Edwards® invites you to take a break and reward yourself during those everyday moments.

Chocolate, Cherries & Cream Trifle

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Author: Cathryne Mealey …

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Arrows

Surprisingly, I have never made chocolate covered marshmallows before. I felt valentine’s Day was a pretty good time to test out my first batch. Of course I had to jazz them up a bit & turn them into Cupid’s arrows! They turned out mighty cute & you should make some for everyone you know because they couldn’t be easier. You can’t really mess up dipping a marshmallow in chocolate & covering it with sprinkles.

To make some yourself you’ll need- large marshmallows, melting chocolate, Valentine’s Day sprinkles, festive straws, scrapbook paper, hershey kisses & hot glue gun + hot glue.

Stab a straw into the middle of the marshmallow & dip into melted chocolate. Immediately cover with sprinkles & place on wax paper to set.

In the meantime, cut pieces of scrapbook paper into arrow shapes. I cut a strip about 2″ wide then folded in half longways. Then I cut a triangle off the top & cut down the strip in angles creating several of these arrows.

Use tape to attach the paper to the straw, about an inch or 2 from the top. Use the tiniest dab of hot glue to attach the Hershey’s kiss to the top of the straw. As long as you don’t go overboard, the chocolate will not melt & will be just fine.

These look fabulous displayed in a large glass jar on the counter but you can package them up too.

They are perfect for giving away to friends with this printable!

Download here- Shot through the Heart

The fit great in some cello gift bags. Tie them up with the printable & you’re VDay ready! Here comes Cupid.

Blessings Y’all!…