Summer Lovin’

Sadly, my summer’s almost to an end & of course, I haven’t accomplished nearly what I’d expected. I have a million project ideas I planned on working on over the summer. But life gets in the way of my creating very often & quite plainly, I’m very happy that it does. I don’t desire to miss any of those moments.

I leave for Dallas, for my last semester ever (x fingers crossed x), exactly one week from today. While I am thrilled to be finishing up & going back to the city & friends I so dearly enjoy, my incredibly handsome boyfriend, or more appropriately, ‘manfriend,’ will not be joining me this year. I’m leaving him behind to embark on a new journey, an exciting one at that. On the bright side, I will have an abundance of extra time to get things in order & craft my little heart away.

Anyways…that’s enough talking. I was supposed to share some of those projects I’ve been dying to dive into but have not yet found the time to pursue. If I didn’t need sleep, this is what I would do instead for the next week before I head back to school.

#1- Coffee Lotion Bars by Crunchy Betty

I’ve been doing a coffee scrub a few times a week & am so lovin’ it! (Promise to share that recipe here soon too!) So I feel like the more the merrier in the anti-cellulite department. I’m sure every other female over age 15 on the earth can relate. Cannot wait to try these! Anyone else have some cellulite be gone magic?  Please share!

#2- Blooming Monogram by Urbanic Paper

Her blog is totes adorbes by the way. I might or might not have been waiting all week for the perfect opportunity to throw that in. I can already see these floral letters hanging on my dorm room wall. Although I am completely against fake flowers, there is clearly no other option here.

#3- Colored Chalkboard Blocks by A Beautiful Mess

Again, perfect for my girly dorm room. I fear I may never have the opportunity to express my femininity in my bedroom decor ever again so I may as well live it up now!

#4- Homemade Laundry Soap by Notions from Nonny

My mom’s made herself some diy laundry detergent twice now from a recipe that she found on Pinterest. It really does last forever & she uses about a cup per load! The detergent stretches for 8+ people for several months. I have been so impressed by it. She makes hers a liquid but I think this recipe may suit me better for travel etc. Plus I like that you can see the pink & blue colors in the detergent.

#5- Camera Strap & Lense by Mom 4 Real

I was really hoping to get one of these done before we went on our Disneyworld vacay but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me. I was upset but moved on.  My sewing machine is still out of commission. Hoping to bring it to the vacuum/sewing machine man next week before I go. Hopefully he can breathe some life back into it! Anyhow, anyone who owns a nice camera needs this, especially you bloggers. So whip one up!

I did manage to free my creative spirit with a few endeavors during these hot months. Maybe tomorrow I will share those photos! Did you finish all your ideal projects this summer? Share what you’ve been able to complete or haven’t even started yet!

Enjoy the last few days of summer!…