Spring at the Manor

Happy hump day friends!

I made a few changes around the place for spring that I wanted to share. Mostly the mantle. I’m all ready for bright, light, & airy.

Wanna see?

Here’s the spring mantle & a newish little, side table. I moved it out of the bedroom & I love it with my Valentine flowers on it.

The moss ball is totally my favorite! My fiancé doesn’t understand it though…boys!

I got this burlap canvas for half off at Target the other day & I worked the whole mantle around it.

For some reason, I love this old brick! I found it a while back on my family’s farm. I’m just a sucker for old junky things. Ha!

I got this “&” door stopper last year at Hobby Lobby & think it’s perfect by the mantle because no one in their right mind would actually use it to prop the door open down here. It’s much too hot for that y’all!

This pillow makes anyone happy .

I switched some of my pillows out so now they’re all white, navy & gray. Lovin’ this color combo!

I found this cream tray at Target & got 2 of them for just over $2 on clearance. I put one here for the remotes & the other one down there as my simple centerpiece in the dining room.

What do y’all think? Have you made some fresh changes to welcome spring in your home?

Blessings Y’all,…