Red Cup Ornaments

You guys! I am obsessed with these ornaments!!!! I don’t like coffee, but even I can appreciate the adorableness of the controversial red cup in felt ornament form.

I participated in an ornament exchange & drew a coffee lover. I had wanted to make something homemade, so this my solution & I am so happy with the turnout.

I was inspired for my project by this original version at One Artsy Mama.

These are perfect for all your coffee loving’ friends or teachers. They’d be even more perfect paired with a gift card where they can grab their fave caffeinated drink!

To make your own you need felt in red, green, light brown & white, scissors, burlap ribbon & hot glue.

First you’ll need to cut out the shapes- 1 green heart, 1 brown rectangle, 1 larger red rectangle & a white rectangle with notches cut out on both sides of the top half. For the cup I made the top slightly larger wider than the bottom using the faintest diagonal cut. For the lid I cut a long rectangle, a little wider than the mouth of the cup, then cut tiny squares out of the top half on both sides. Cut your ribbon to about 3″ or so for hanging. You will need 2 of the red cup & 2 of the white lid for the backside.

Glue the heart onto the band then the band onto the middle of the cup. Everything can be trimmed so it’s better to cut it too big at first.

Next, glue the white lid onto the mouth of the cup.

Flip the cup over & attached the ribbon for hanging.

Now take your second cup & lid & glue them to the backside on top of the ribbon.

Looks much more finished this way!

Don’t you love them!

I think I’ll use them to adorn some gifts as well. They are too cute!

You could make any sort of ornament you can dream up using the same supplies/methods. Maybe I’ll be sharing some more felt ornament ideas in the next few weeks!

Blessings Y’all!…

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