Mini Fall Wreath

Today I’m sharing this adorable mini wreath perfect for fall. It makes for a fun, after-dinner project. It’s my back-door wreath, cause every door is deserving of a wreath right? & Because I can’t stop decorating.

I got all the supplies for super cheap too!

That fox ribbon is too darn cute to pass up. I tell ya people.

These fall ribbons were a dollar each at Walmart, they have plenty of other options too. Just be warned, they are not silk ribbons. They’re paper; but serve their purpose with pride nonetheless.

I started with this wreath, which is adorable on it’s own. I just can’t leave anything as is around here. Only three bucks in the dollar spot at Target.

I attached an extra flower to the original bunch with some hot glue. I got the flower at Michaels. It matches my front-door wreath.

I wanted my wreath to have a tail. So I hot glued a long piece of brown burlap around what I wanted to be the bottom of the wreath.

You have to cut it all pretty too!

Next I cute my ribbons all a few inches longer than the brown burlap.

Attach them on the backside with hot glue, spacing evenly apart. Continue until you’ve attached them all.

Then add hot glue where needed to hold them down on the front & trim the ends to match the burlap.

Ta-da! Already done!

Ready to hang wherever you’ d like. I used one of those suction hooks for the bathroom to hang it up on the window part of the back-door. Works perfectly.

Fire up your hot glue guns ladies!

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Blessings y’all,


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