Knock-off VS PINK July 4th Tee

     So I went to Jo-Ann’s to purchase some cute patriotic fabric & wonder-under. Then to Walmart to buy a plain v-neck top. This evening I completed the project in less than an hour & am so pleased with the result! It’s exactly like the over-priced one I saw in the mall, but more personalized & half the cost . 

    Here’s how I made it-

     You’ll need to gather up some fabric scissors, wonder-under, the material of your choice, & a t-shirt of some sort. Also, print out the letters in a big bold font. I used the font IMPACT on size 300. It appeared the most similar to the VS PINK shirt.

     Cut out all your letters! 

     Iron on the sticky side of the heat-bond to the wrong side of the fabric. 

     Trace the letters onto the heat-bond. This is probably the most time-consuming part. Be sure to do the letters backwards. That way they come out facing the right way the first time. Do not do what I am doing in this photo…

     Continue until all the letters have been traced onto the fabric.

    Then cut them out!

     Peel the white backing off all the letters.

     Place the letters exactly where you would like them. They shouldn’t slip around much so do not worry about pinning them or anything like that. 

     Iron into place according to directions on heat-bonding product. Continue working in sections until tee is completed. Feel free to stitch down around the letters if you feel led to. I did not!

     The finished shirt! I think its cuter than the original one 

     This technique could be used for countless projects. There are almost endless possibilities. So get creative! 

     Happy Fourth of July!! Go enjoy some fireworks!