DIY Pinecone Mason Jar Luminaries

This is a project you make right now & use for both your Thanksgiving & Christmas decor. I’ve really started to love the look of glowing fairy lights mixed into decor. I originally ordered these to use at our wedding & since then they haven’t received proper use. They worked perfect for our project! You can find these online for $5-$7, just goole “fairly lights.” I’ve also seen them in the Target One Spot/Bullseye’s Playground for $3, they’re probably a shorter strand though.

The luminaries are so simple to make! You just need jars, pinecones & lights.

Start by making a circle of the light strand around the bottom of the jar. Then layer with pinecones, then more light strand, more pinecones, till it’s full.

Mix in varying sizes of pinecones so there aren’t as many empty spots in the jar.

Tape the battery pack to the inside of the lid for easy access. This also keeps it hidden fairly well.

I just love the look! I made 3 different versions- all gold, snow-covered, & plain rustic. You could even add some twine or Christmas ribbon around the top for extra flair.

I used 2 of mine in my fall mantel, see all the details here.

You could use bleached pinecones for these too! See how to here.

Even more pinecone crafts are ready for ya, check out these 22 Grown Up Pinecone Crafts!

Blessings Y’all!