DIY Personalized Snow Globes

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas crafting is in full swing over here! Today I’m sharing a fun twist on the oh-so-popular mason jar snow globe. We’re going to personalize it with our Christmas card from Tiny Prints!

Because who hasn’t always wanted to live in a snow globe? I’m pretty sure several Lifetime Christmas movies feed off that idea.

This snow globe is full of possibilities- family heirloom, kids craft, teacher or grandparent gift, new family tradition, the list goes on & on. So get as creative as you want with it.

To make your own you’ll need a half-gallon sized mason jar, hot glue, spray glue, faux snow, glitter (optional), mini bottle brush trees &/or other Christmas figurines, washi tape, & your family Christmas card.

Step 1- Spray a light layer of glue inside the mason jar, coating all sides as evenly as possible.

Skip to step 3 if not using glitter!

Step 2- Shake in a little glitter, not too much! Screw the lid on & shake it all around quickly.

You can totally ditch the glitter if you want, it’s up to you. I thought it made things look more magical & snow-globey. But it can also get messy!

Step 3- Bend your card in half so it will slide easily into the mason jar…

& slide the card snugly inside.

Doesn’t it look magical already??! It’s got that Christmas glow.

Step 4- Wrap the lid with some festive washi tape to make it look a little less industrial.

Step 5- Using hot glue, glue down a bottle brush tree &/or any other figurines you choose to the lid base.

Step 6- add more hot glue all around figurines & sprinkle on faux snow. You’ll want a heavy layer so that some will be stuck to the bottom & some will float around when you shake it.

Step 7- Screw the lid onto the mason jar & you have an awesome personalized snow globe! How fun is that!

I am so in love with the look of this, especially with the gold glitter! It’s like we’re trapped in a holiday-daze with swirls of glitter & snow. Too bad it doesn’t snow here in real life! The snow globe will just have to do for now.

Enjoy making & gifting your own personalized snow globes this season!

Blessings Y’all,…