DIY Mini Flocked Pinecone Trees

I’m a wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas/respect all the holidays kinda girl. While I’ve shared a few Christmas posts I haven’t actually decorated the house yet. However, I have a major problem.

My welcoming fall porch that was full of mums & pumpkins has finally turned on me. The pumpkins are finally rotting & the mums have been left out to freeze one too may times.

So now I must make a terribly hard decision. I cannot leave the dead stuff out front to greet my Thanksgiving guests & I can’t have a boring, empty porch either. So what to do folks?

I have to give in. To Christmas. But ONLY on the porch!

My first project for the porch are these charming flocked trees!

So the story goes…I saw these fab mini flocked pinecone trees at Hobby Lobby. I looooved them & thought they would be perfect on my Christmas porch. I did not love the price, $40. I thought surely I could whip up something myself for at least half the cost or less. Plus their’s were a little on the small side & I wanted something a bit larger.

I gathered all my supplies: Mini trees (Home Depot)

  Faux snow spray (Home Depot)

Red spray paint (Home Depot)

Burlap ribbons (Walmart)

Plastic pots (Walmart)

Gold ornaments (Dollar Tree)

Mini pinecones (I got mine from the thrift store, but they’re everywhere right now too!)

I’m happy to report that I made 2 bigger trees with the addition of pretty bows for less than the price of 1 at Hobby Lobby.

First step- Paint the pots a cheery Christmas red & let them dry.

Step 2- Hot glue the pinecones onto the tree branches

Step 3- Spray then with magical snow! You’ll want to do this step outside. It dries pretty much instantaneously but can get messy. Just sweep it off the concrete.


Now it’s time to put it all together. My favorite part of a project!

Step 4- Place trees in pots, use a filler (like plastic bags) if necessary. Cut strips of burlap to fill in around bottom of pot & slide under tree. Add shiny, plastic ornaments on top to help hold things in place. Hot glue if desired.

Step 5- Tie a big, pretty, red, burlap bow on top! Woah, that was a lot of adjectives. Be careful beause the wired burlap ribbon will go straight into your finger & I’m speaking from experience here ya’ll.

Have fun making your own little trees! This would such a fun project for the kids to help with too. Who wouldn’t love playing in faux snow?

Blessings Y’all,