Summer Lovin’

Sadly, my summer’s almost to an end & of course, I haven’t accomplished nearly what I’d expected. I have a million project ideas I planned on working on over the summer. But life gets in the way of my creating very often & quite plainly, I’m very happy that it does. I don’t desire to miss any of those moments.

I leave for Dallas, for my last semester ever (x fingers crossed x), exactly one week from today. While I am thrilled to be finishing up & going back to the city & friends I so dearly enjoy, my incredibly handsome boyfriend, or more appropriately, ‘manfriend,’ will not be joining me this year. I’m leaving him behind to embark on a new journey, an exciting one at that. On the bright side, I will have an abundance of extra time to get things in order & craft my little heart away.

Anyways…that’s enough talking. I was supposed to share some of those projects I’ve been dying to dive into but have not yet found the time to pursue. If I didn’t need sleep, this is what I would do instead for the next week before I head back to school.

#1- Coffee Lotion Bars by Crunchy Betty

I’ve been doing a coffee scrub a few times a week & am so lovin’ it! (Promise to share that recipe here soon too!) So I feel like the more the merrier in the anti-cellulite department. I’m sure every other female over age 15 on the earth can relate. Cannot wait to try these! Anyone else have some cellulite be gone magic?  Please share!

#2- Blooming Monogram by Urbanic Paper

Her blog is totes adorbes by the way. I might or might not have been waiting all week for the perfect opportunity to throw that in. I can already see these floral letters hanging on my dorm room wall. Although I am completely against fake flowers, there is clearly no other option here.

#3- Colored Chalkboard Blocks by A Beautiful Mess

Again, perfect for my girly dorm room. I fear I may never have the opportunity to express my femininity in my bedroom decor ever again so I may as well live it up now!

#4- Homemade Laundry Soap by Notions from Nonny

My mom’s made herself some diy laundry detergent twice now from a recipe that she found on Pinterest. It really does last forever & she uses about a cup per load! The detergent stretches for 8+ people for several months. I have been so impressed by it. She makes hers a liquid but I think this recipe may suit me better for travel etc. Plus I like that you can see the pink & blue colors in the detergent.

#5- Camera Strap & Lense by Mom 4 Real

I was really hoping to get one of these done before we went on our Disneyworld vacay but it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me. I was upset but moved on.  My sewing machine is still out of commission. Hoping to bring it to the vacuum/sewing machine man next week before I go. Hopefully he can breathe some life back into it! Anyhow, anyone who owns a nice camera needs this, especially you bloggers. So whip one up!

I did manage to free my creative spirit with a few endeavors during these hot months. Maybe tomorrow I will share those photos! Did you finish all your ideal projects this summer? Share what you’ve been able to complete or haven’t even started yet!

Enjoy the last few days of summer!…

8 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

Get in the spirit of the green holiday with these yummy deserts!

From healthy colorful fruits to minty chocolate decadence, one of these is bound to spark your leprechaun’s fancy. Go on, take a gander!

Leprechaun Pie with a fun treat on the bottom from Oopsey Daisy.

Green Velvet Cake Balls from Bakerella, my all-time favorite baking blog!

Rainbow Pudding Cups from Makezine.

Minty Chocolate Lava Cakes from She Saved.

These too cute Lucky Charm Cupcakes are found on Examiner.

How about a Rainbow Fruit Tray complete with a cloud & pot of gold from Crazy House Reviews.

Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brookies with mint oreos from Averie Cooks has you chocolate lovers covered.

This Irish Style Dirt Cake from Tablespoon is sure to please the little ones.

Which one will you make?

There’s too many choices I know! They all look so good.

Stay lucky y’all!

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Thanksgiving Farmhouse Table

Hey guys!

Turkey Day is almost here! I’m totally up to my eyeballs in things to do to get ready, but at least the table is officially done!

We actually built & stained the table & bench ourselves, (using these tutorials- table -bench) as well as painted & reupholstered the chairs. It was our first ever project like this & we know it needs some work, so please don’t judge too hard!

Anyway, here’s the final product all fancied up for her Thanksgiving dinner debut!

You can see how I made the plates with Dollar Tree plates in this post here.

I used a long piece of burlap ribbon as my table runner for texture.

My centerpiece is a hurricane from Michael’s sitting on a log slice from my stash & surrounded with some gorgeous foliage from Hobby Lobby.

My family isn’t really used to eating Thanksgiving dinner on real plates, if you know what I mean. So I didn’t want to fancy things up too much. I dressed it down & added some color & warmth with the napkins.

I bought a couple yards of plaid flannel in fall colors at Joann’s & cut them into napkin-like pieces. Then I pulled at the threads to create a frayed edge. They’ll be a breeze to throw into the washer later.

I used a collection of glasses from the antique store & thrift store.

Most everything, décor-wise, is from Hobby Lobby or Target, my 2 fave places!

Those little acorn shakers came from Target, of course.

The centerpiece has to be my favorite part of the table though.

I simply cannot wait to have everyone over to sit around this table in a few days!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?!

Blessings Y’all,


Red Cup Ornaments

You guys! I am obsessed with these ornaments!!!! I don’t like coffee, but even I can appreciate the adorableness of the controversial red cup in felt ornament form.

I participated in an ornament exchange & drew a coffee lover. I had wanted to make something homemade, so this my solution & I am so happy with the turnout.

I was inspired for my project by this original version at One Artsy Mama.

These are perfect for all your coffee loving’ friends or teachers. They’d be even more perfect paired with a gift card where they can grab their fave caffeinated drink!

To make your own you need felt in red, green, light brown & white, scissors, burlap ribbon & hot glue.

First you’ll need to cut out the shapes- 1 green heart, 1 brown rectangle, 1 larger red rectangle & a white rectangle with notches cut out on both sides of the top half. For the cup I made the top slightly larger wider than the bottom using the faintest diagonal cut. For the lid I cut a long rectangle, a little wider than the mouth of the cup, then cut tiny squares out of the top half on both sides. Cut your ribbon to about 3″ or so for hanging. You will need 2 of the red cup & 2 of the white lid for the backside.

Glue the heart onto the band then the band onto the middle of the cup. Everything can be trimmed so it’s better to cut it too big at first.

Next, glue the white lid onto the mouth of the cup.

Flip the cup over & attached the ribbon for hanging.

Now take your second cup & lid & glue them to the backside on top of the ribbon.

Looks much more finished this way!

Don’t you love them!

I think I’ll use them to adorn some gifts as well. They are too cute!

You could make any sort of ornament you can dream up using the same supplies/methods. Maybe I’ll be sharing some more felt ornament ideas in the next few weeks!

Blessings Y’all!…

20 No Heat Hairstyles

I’ve been on the long hair journey a good majority of my life. That means, you’ve gotta keep the split ends away. The only way to avoid them is to avoid the heat. Which is somedays, totally unavoidable. I get it. However, on those days which it is avoidable, you don’t have to look homeless. I promise.

That being said, here’s 20 hairstyles which require no heat and look fairly put together when finished. Some of these I do often, the rest of them I can’t wait to try!

Yet Another Beauty Site

All Your Beauty

A Little Slice of

Design Every Day

Yet Another Beauty Site

How Do It

Hair Romance

The Beauty Department

Join the Mood

Beauty Darling

Chic Factor Gazette 

Jada Beauty

Ruby Room 


Spa Beauty Style

Treasures & Travel

How To Hair Girl

Gina Michelle

A Beautiful Mess

Pinterest (Source Unknown)

Join the Mood

Now give it a go. You know you want to!

Which one’s your fave?…

22 Thanksgiving Pies!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen all the pies I’ve been pinning lately. Well, in preparation for Thanksgiving, a lot of research must be done on the pie. Am I right y’all? He’s a prime character of the feast, after all.

These are my favorites of all the ones I’ve picked through. Hoping they’ll help you find that piespiration too.

Nutella & Salted Caramel Pie from Table for Two

Chocolate Pecan Pie from Yammie’s Noshery

Cinnamon Streusel Sweet Potato Pie from Pillsbury

Salty Honey Pie from South brooklyn Post

Rhubarb Pie from Martha Stewart

Maple Pumpkin Pie from Real Simple

Dad’s Sweet Potato Pie from Joy the Baker

Pumpkin Pie from Williams Sonoma

Butterscotch Pretzel Pie from Seeded at the Table

Chocolate Fudge Pie from OMG Chocolate Desserts

Salted Caramel Apple Pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Caramel Apple Streusel Pie from Handle the Heat

Peanut Butter Chess Pie from Crazy for Crust

Raspberry Pie from Better Homes & Gardens

Pecan Cheesecake Pie from Inside BruCrew Life

Buttermilk Pie from Add a Pinch

The Best Cherry Pie from The Artful Parent

Maple Bourbon Brown butter Peach Pie from Host the Toast

Pecan Pie from Gimme Some Oven

Caramel Apple Crumb Pie from Averie Cooks

Sugar Cream Pie  from All Recipes

Eggnog Pie from Your Cup of Cake

Yum! I’m drooling over here. Which one are you going to make first?!

Head on over to my Pie Pinterest board for even more pie recipes!

Blessings Y’all,


PEEPS Marshmallow Easter Garland!

Did any of y’all catch my Facebook live disasters last night? Well, first try I had some major craft fails followed by technical difficulties. Once those problems subsided, I tried to come back on. Only to realize after 5 minutes of crafting or so that I was on my personal channel…Oops!

Don’t worry, I’ll attach the videos for your personal amusement at the bottom of the post. Haha! But for now, I’ll supply you with the details & a tutorial for stringing your own PEEPS Garland! I learned a lot from my Pinterest fail the first time around & now I’ve got the “experience” to share my tips!

It found the perfect home on my baking hutch in the kitchen! The bright colors bring a solid spring vibe to the breakfast area. A pair of tacks seem to be holding it up well. I’m already imagining marshmallow PEEPS garland for all the holiday y’all! Since you can find PEEPS for pretty much each season now, it won’t be hard.

To Make Your Own-

1- Gather up supplies: PEEPS in assorted colors, bunny marshmallows (or other springy colored marshmallows), dental floss, long needle, cooking spray (like PAM).

2- Pull out dental floss twice as long as you want the finished garland to be.

3- Thread the needle through the dental floss, folding floss in half with needle in the middle. Tie the two ends of the floss together. *Using an extra long needle works the best. Be sure your needle is longer than your PEEP.

4- Lay a towel down over the workspace. Keep project over towel to manage the mess. Spray dental floss & needle with cooking spray.

5- Start threading the PEEPS on! Pick a pattern or don’t, it’s up to you! I used the smaller marshmallows in between the PEEPS; you can use all PEEPS if you prefer. I’m not sure if you can tell, but they’re actually mini, bunny marshmallows. I found them in the seasonal Easter section at Target. *Be sure to string needle through the top of the head of each PEEP. If you pierce the needle through the body, you risk the chance of your PEEPS turning over.

6- You will need to spray more cooking spray over the floss & the needle as you go along. Otherwise, you will have a big, sticky mess!

7- Leave plenty of floss at each end for tying a loop to hang the garland by. The more PEEPS you add on, the heavier the garland will get. Keep this in mind when considering where you’ll hang it too. It will be hard to tie loops onto the end because of all the cooking spray, but have patience & use a rag to wipe it off!

I decorated the rest of my baking hutch with some yellow Easter grass & pink, plastic eggs. Super simple!

The leftover marshmallows look perfect in a couple of glass canisters! Add them to hot chocolate or homemade rice crispy bars for a real treat!

Don’t forget to pin it for later! —>…

15 Summer Fruit Salads

It’s officially Spring, despite the cool weather. So I thought a good round-up of some luscious looking fruit salads was in order!

These will have you running to the produce aisle in no time. There really isn’t anything more photogenic than fruit, in my opinion.

Strawberry Cucumber Salad from Oh Sweet Basil

Crunchy Apple & Grape Salad from the Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Fruit Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing from Oh! You Cook!

Citrus Pistachio Salad from Paul Eats Magazine (zoom in to see it!)

Grape Salad from Pearls, Handcuffs, & Happy Hour

Glazed Summer Fruit Salad from Macaroni & Cheesecake

Berry Mint Salad that I have no link for, but it looks simple enough: blueberries, blackberries, & torn mint leaves

Best Fruit Salad from Chef Recipes

Sugared Walnut Fruit Salad from Taste of Home

Pina Colada Fruit Salad from Hopeful Homemaker

Holiday Fruit Salad from Lunch Box Lunch

Stone Fruit Salad with Lemon-Lavender Syrup from Katie at the Kitchen Door

Summer Fruit Salad, another one from Lunch Box Lunch

Citrus Fruit Salad from Six Sisters’ Stuff

And last but not least, a Vintage Pineapple Salad that you make in the can! I don’t have a link for this one, but the directions are in the upper right corner: Open a can of pineapple slices & drain the juice out. Prepare a gelatin mix with half the water it requires. Pour into pineapple can over slices. Refrigerate until set. Run hot water over bottom & sides of can to loosen. Cut bottom from can & push out. Slice in between pineapple rings & serve!

Which one’s your favorite? Let me know if you make one!

There are some great recipes & blogs in this mix. I hope you’ll click over to get their full directions.

Who else is counting down the days till summer?!

I’m so ready to head to the beach with a bowl of one of these fresh, fruit salads under my arm!

Be blessed y’all!…

Printable Bookmarks for Moms, Teachers, & Yourself!

I wanted to make something little to go with some Mother’s Day gifts this year. Although I can’t go into too much detail about the gifts because the receivers might be reading this, I’m sure you can figure out what some of those gifts might be.


Some bookmarks fit the bill perfectly. They’re so simple, printable, & free! Yet incredibly necessary for avid readers. I went with the ever popular “keep on & carry on” theme.

I made 3 different sets in 4 different colors (goin a little crazy y’all) to share with you.

You can download them all here or copy/save as from the images below or click the pdf links above each pictured set. So many options I know! Be sure to print it 8×10 if you copy/save as.

First, I made the Mother’s Day set. I used 2 different sayings.

Mother’s Day Bookmarks

I printed them onto a kraft paper card stock to give them a more vintage feel. The only problem was the yellow didn’t show up so well, but the other shades were nice.

Summer Bookmarks

I made these ones for myself really!

But they’re great for summer reading & would be a really cute end-of-the-year gift for classmates. The kids could even print & decorate these with stickers to make their summer reading list a bit more exciting.

Or you can just use them for yourself, like I plan too!

Teacher Bookmarks

Teachers deserve a good end of the year too. How about one of these tied to a Barnes & Noble gift card or a stack of favorite books? You could even put in inside a plastic tumbler & fill it with candy. I think this version is my favorite, those apples are too darn cute!

The ones I’m keeping for myself were printed onto white card stock & the colors showed up much brighter. I punched a hole in a couple & strung short ribbons through them for an extra touch.

Don’t forget about your moms either! A sweet handwritten note on the backside of these will make mom think of you every time she opens her latest read or favorite book.

What’s on your summer reading list? Any suggestions?

I’ll be linking up at my favorite places, see them all here!…

Ultimate Collection of Organization Hacks!

Hello wonderful friends! I took a quick break to enjoy some Christmasness, but I’ve got an amazing post for you to ogle over for the next hour or so…you should probably grab a drink & maybe a snack while you’re at it.

I know how much everyone (myself included) loves to get organized with a fresh, clean start for the next year. In fact, I just finished emptying out over 10,000 unread messages from my inbox…oops! Now one of my New Year’s goals is to keep it clean!

So I started Pinteresting for new organization hacks & after finding so so so much greatness, I figured I needed to share it with all y’all! You’ll find everything below- home ideas, car ideas, kitchen ideas, & even craft room ideas.

So here goes!

40 Brilliant DIY Organization Hacks from Brit + Co

10 Organization Hacks from Thirty Handmade Days

41 Insanely Awesome Organization Hacks from Pop Sugar

20 Organizing Life Hacks from How to Nest for Less

19 Insanely Clever Organizing Hacks from Buzz Feed

25 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Closet also from Buzz Feed

10 Kitchen Organization Hacks from The 36th Avenue

7 Post Holiday Organization Hacks from Smart School House

60 New Uses for Everyday Items from Listotic

45 Organization Hacks to Transform Your Craft Room from Buzz Feed 

25 Free Ways to Organize from Kids Activities Blog

25 More Household Tops from Buzz Feed

19 Insanely Cool Car Hacks from Pop Sugar

25+ Car Tricks & Tips from Kids Activities Blog

27 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Fridge Clean & Organized from Buzz Feed

16 Kitchen Hacks to Maximize Your Space from A Pretty Life

Wow! So many creative & inspiring organization ideas! Now time to get organizing!

Have a safe & fun New Years Eve y’all!