12 Months of Wreaths- Round 2!

Over a year ago, I shared a blog brimming with front door inspiration. I included 12 photos from various blogs with a different wreath for each month. That blog has been soooooo popular that I decided to do another one & what better time than January?

I think I’ll have to make this a yearly thing!

Here y’all go!

**Note: several of these wreaths come from Etsy, feel free to buy their wreath or recreate it yourself! They have some great ideas that serve as awesome inspiration for your own front doors.

January is from Addicted 2 Decorating.

Seriously, what a genius idea to use the Epsom salt for ‘glistening.’ I can’t get enough of these little snowballs. I plan to make this wreath next January!

February is from an Etsy seller.

She has some in stock but it is totally possible to make this yourself. I just imagine it would be very time consuming! I am in love with this one. So precious for V-day.

March is from Pinterest.

I am not sure where this originally links to. It took me back to Pinterest when I clicked the image. Appears fairly easy to mock up for yourself. I think it’s a lovely rustic spring-is-here wreath without being too over-the-top-flambuoyant.

April is from Homey Home Designs

I am definitely making this wreath for our front door for Easter next year. She has mounds of cute yarn wreath ideas if you want to see more like this one. It’s totally worth checking out!

May from an Etsy seller who’s shop is currently closed but promises to reopen.

Monograms & May go hand in hand. Another semi-easy one to whip up yourself, with the help of Pinterest tutorials. You can order a wooden monogram from lots of places online like here, here, or here (this one’s only $10!). Of course, if you happen to have a fancy wood cutting machine, have at it yourself!

PS-A pair of these on the doors to a wedding would be beautiful. Plannin’ on that one myself!

June is from Pinterest.

The anchor is a fantastic addition for a summertime wreath! This one’s seems like ‘smooth sailing.’ Ah I crack myself up. Again, not sure where the link should lead to as it led me straight to the photo only.

July from A Little Crafting.

Love the antique look & the cheapness of the coffee filters. This is an adorable vintage-y patriotic wreath.

August is from Pinterest.

I am unsure what this was originally linked back to; but when I found it, it did not take me anywhere. Due to the abundance of burlap wreath tutorials currently on Pinterest, figuring this one out will be a piece of pie.

September is from an Etsy seller & is no longer available.

But there’s enough tutorials on Pinterest to help you figure this one out. My grandmother loves roosters & used to have them all over her kitchen. This reminds me of her & is so absolutely adorable. It would look great in a farmhouse style kitchen.

October is from an Etsy seller as well.

She has an original & others like it for sale. Again, I think this would be fairly easy to figure out how to make yourself if you’re game.

November is from another Etsy seller.

There are lots of similar wreaths in her shop. This one would be so easy to imitate yourself. I this deep cranberry color would be perfect for Thanksgiving but could also work for an A&M wreath.

December is from Pinterest.

I hope to make one just like this for next year to go with all the Christmas decor I purchased post season this year. I can see the gloriousness of it all already!

Well, I sure hope you leave this post feeling oh so inspired for all the upcoming months/holidays/seasons.

Happy everything to you my friend!

Psst…check out my first ‘12 Months of Wreaths.’

& see my other few wreaths here.…

Glow-in-the-Dark Fun!

Just in time for Halloween parties & the last few nights of summer, I’ve stumbled across so many creative glow-in-the-dark ideas on Pinterest. I gathered up my favorites & am sharing them with y’all! I’ll definitely be saving these ideas for my future kiddos. There’s some great fun to be found here, so be sure to check ‘em out!

Glowing Playdough Recipe


Glow in the Dark Tic Tac Toe!


Glow in The Dark Garden






Let me know if you get to try any! Or what your favorite glow activities are?

Hope your weekend is going well!

The weather here is glorious, perfect night to try out a few of these outdoor ideas.…

DIY Pinecone Mason Jar Luminaries

This is a project you make right now & use for both your Thanksgiving & Christmas decor. I’ve really started to love the look of glowing fairy lights mixed into decor. I originally ordered these to use at our wedding & since then they haven’t received proper use. They worked perfect for our project! You can find these online for $5-$7, just goole “fairly lights.” I’ve also seen them in the Target One Spot/Bullseye’s Playground for $3, they’re probably a shorter strand though.

The luminaries are so simple to make! You just need jars, pinecones & lights.

Start by making a circle of the light strand around the bottom of the jar. Then layer with pinecones, then more light strand, more pinecones, till it’s full.

Mix in varying sizes of pinecones so there aren’t as many empty spots in the jar.

Tape the battery pack to the inside of the lid for easy access. This also keeps it hidden fairly well.

I just love the look! I made 3 different versions- all gold, snow-covered, & plain rustic. You could even add some twine or Christmas ribbon around the top for extra flair.

I used 2 of mine in my fall mantel, see all the details here.

You could use bleached pinecones for these too! See how to here.

Even more pinecone crafts are ready for ya, check out these 22 Grown Up Pinecone Crafts!

Blessings Y’all!


A College Student’s Gold

    If you are not a college student, do not have children in college, & do not know anyone in college anywhere- this is not for you. There will be no point in you reading this. So I’m telling you now, don’t. However, if  one or more of the above applies to you, keep reading. This is good stuff folks. 

    All college students receive some form of student id upon enrolling in school. Well, I have a secret.

     It’s good for so much more than just getting around campus. In reality, It’s a discount card. Unlike most store loyalty-discount cards, a student id can be used at several places. Well, what are those places? I’ve compiled a huge list right here- including where to present your card & how much of a discount you are able to receive at that location. This is a treasure-mine for college students. So share it with any one you know who is applicable. This isn’t information to keep to yourself! Also, please keep in mind that results may vary by region, management, etc. Click on the link for complete details for a certain location.


  1. Ann Taylor- 20% off with student id
  2.  Apple- shop the Apple Store for Education for special student/teacher prices 
  3. AMC Theaters- Thursdays are Student Days with a discount ticket price
  4. Arby’s- 10% off with student id
  5. Banana Republic- 15% off with student/teacher id
  6. Blockbuster- discount with student id varies by location
  7. Buffalo Wild Wings- 10% off with student id
  8. Burger King- 10% off with student id
  9. Charlotte Russe- 10% off with student id
  10. Chick-Fil-A- free drink with purchase & student id
  11. Chipotle- free drink with purchase & student id 
  12. Club Monaco- 20% off with student id
  13. Cinemark- purchase a discounted ticket with student id on certain days, varies by location
  14. Dairy Queen- 10% off with student id
  15. Domino’s Pizza- discount with student id varies by location
  16. Eddie Bauer- 15% off with student id
  17. General Motors- preferred pricing for students & grads
  18. Goodwill- 10% off with student id
  19. H&M- 15% off with student id
  20. J. Crew- 15% off with student id
  21. Jiffy Lube- 10%-15% off with student id
  22. JoAnn’s- 10% off with student discount card, apply online
  23. Juicy Couture- 15% off with student id 
  24. Kroger- 5% off at particular locations
  25. The Limited- 15% off with student id
  26. Mc Donald’s- 10% off with student id
  27. Papa John’s Pizza- varied discount at particular locations
  28. Pier 1- 15% off with student id
  29. Pizza Hut- 10%-20% off with student id
  30. Qdoba- free chips or drink with student id 
  31. Ralph lauren Rugby- 15% off with student id
  32. Regal Theaters- up to 25% with student id
  33. Steve Madden- 10% off with student id
  34. Subway- 10% off with student id
  35. Taco Cabana- 20% with student id
  36. Target- 10% cashback when you register you .edu email with Edhance.com
  37. Urban Outfitters- 10% off with student id on certain days (sign up for email to receive that info)
  38. Waffle House- 10% off with student id

*When using a student discount, other discounts will not likely be applied.

     Remember it never hurts to ask. Keep this is in mind concerning events, museums, theme parks, insurance & phone companies as well. 

     This is not an absolute complete list. If you know of other places which honor a student discount as well, please leave a comment! Or if you go to one of the above locations & they no longer promote this, please comment so I may remove it from the list. Thank you!

DIY Pottery Barn Feather Ornaments

Either get excited or look away! Because I’m sharing my first Christmas project today! I know some of you can’t bear to hear about Christmas until after Thanksgiving & that’s totally okay. I feel that way sometimes too. But in the blogworld, I’m a couple of weeks behind on the Christmas crafting/recipes/decor. So I’m jumping on board. I love everything christmas anyway. I’ll probs be breaking out the music soon too. While I can’t officially start decorating the house till after Thanksgiving, I’ve started on some projects so they’re ready to go on Black Friday!

First up are these chic, natural feather ornaments. Inspiration came straight from the Pottery Barn catalog…

The price tag- $10.50 for one feather-in-an-icicle ornament. If you feel like spending that kinda cash, go straight there.

Otherwise, keep scrolling.

Here’s my version, I made 4 of these ornaments for less than the price of one at Pottery Barn!

This is a simple DIY, you probably don’t even need my instruction whatsoever…but in case you just want to look at my photos, carry on!

I had white feathers on hand, but you can get a pack for just $2! The ornaments are from Hobby Lobby & were 40% off. Win-win y’all.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be on sale for the next month too, so go now!

Open the ornament, drop in a few feathers & wa-la. Magical feather-in-an-icicle ornament in your fingertips.

You may need to use a pencil to help push the feathers down into the ornament.

Screw the lid back on & it’s tree-trimmin’ time.

Some twine would be perfect to tie around the tops of these too. Should have thought of that before!

Anyway, happy holiday crafting people!

You can shop similar supplies below.

View blog post for supplies

Blessings Y’all,…

Christmas Morning Breakfast!

What’s the second best part of Christmas morning? The delicious, usually super sugary breakfast, of course!

I looooove breakfast & the best kind is served on Christmas morning. Partly, because it is accompanied by presents & partly because holiday food is the yummiest food.

Soooo here are 20 fun Christmas breakfast ideas to get you inspired!

Snowman Breakfast at Hoosier Homemade

Christmas Tree French Toasts at The Joys of Boys

Gingerbread Waffles at Rachael Ray

Rudolph Pancakes at I Heart Naptime

Elf Pancakes at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Waffle Christmas Tree at Pinterest

Cinnamon Roll Tree at Dukes & Duchesses

Eggnog Monkey Bread at Lemon Tree Dwelling

Santa Pancakes at Pinterest

Cherry Cream Cheese Candy Cane Danish at Shower of Roses

Bacon Pancake Dippers at The Lady Behind the Curtain

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups at Rindy Mae

Mini Hashbrown Crust Quiche at Pizzazzerie

Gingerbread Man Pancakes at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Cinnamon Roll Cake at Lil Luna

North Pole Breakfast at Hello Love Designs

Christmas Tree Pancake Stack at The Pancake Project

Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy at Paula Deen

Swedish Tea Ring at My 3 Monsters

White Chocolate Gingerbread Crescent Rolls at Lemon Tree Dwelling

Do you have any special Christmas breakfast traditions?

Can’t wait to try out some of these throughout the Christmas season!

I hope you’re staying nice & warm in the winter storm. We are still iced in. Too bad it isn’t snow! The temperature is supposed to get above freezing for a few hours this afternoon & I’m really hoping the ice melts so I can get in my car! I am so deprived of Sonic I don’t know what I’m going to do! Hopefully it’s all safe-driving by Wednesday because that’s when I plan to drive home for forever & Christmas break!…

Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel

We’ve been using an extremely old Sharp microwave for about 3 years now. Even out of the box, the Sharp model never really worked all too well. It took forever to heat food, and attempting to defrost something felt like it took a mini eternity.

My moms birthday is coming up, and we celebrated it this past weekend. Numerous times I heard her moaning about the microwave, so I figured what better a gift to surprise her with than a microwave?

I checked 3 different stores for a model that was within a fair price, and looked like something she/we would like best.

I went with the Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel, Model #NN-T664SF which I found at Target on sale for $119.99.


The sleek design is what made me primarily choose this particular microwave above all others. It has a gorgeous sleek black door, and a stainless steel body. The microwaves control buttons are all located on the right hand side of the microwaves door.

The microwave has a power output of 1,300 watts with inverter technology. What I loved best, and what I knew my mom would love best was the 1 touch sensor cook. Basically you can plop your food into the microwave and hit the sensor cook button. The microwave will heat up food without any guesswork involved on your part.

Inside the microwave, there is a round glass rotating plate, to ensure proper heating all throughout your food.


The Sharp microwave we previously had contained a 1.2cu.ft. of space inside of it. The Panasonic 1300-Watt Microwave Oven contains the same 1.2cu.ft as well, but it’s casing was not as large as our older model. Although it can fit the exact same amount of food into it, it did seem smaller. This is an illusion though, as it was the same size on the inside. It featured enough room to place in a large plate.

All in all the microwave is approximately 8.88Hx14.75Wx15.19D”, which is rather slim, and will take up a lot less space on your counter, without you having to sacrifice the sizes of plates that can go into the microwave.

The Sensor Cook:

This is my all time favorite feature on the microwave. You can literately just plop your cold food into the microwave, hit the sensor cook button, and the microwave will heat the food to the appropriate heating level. Food comes out perfect, never too hot, nor is it ever cold. It’s like the thing knows…has a brain!!!


I came across a few other reviews stating that the defrost takes forever. Maybe they got a dysfunctional model, because the defrost works so quickly, without scorching or cooking food. Our old microwave would take about 5 minutes to defrost frozen meat.

The Panasonic Model #NN-T664SF only takes about a minute to fully defrost meat.


We are simply in love with the Panasonic Microwave. It is by far the best unit we have ever used yet. It cooks up food in record times, the sensor cook is phenomenal, and defrost times were incredible.

For fast heated food I cannot recommend this microwave more. For the price I paid, I am shocked at how well its worked.…

Spring at the Manor

Happy hump day friends!

I made a few changes around the place for spring that I wanted to share. Mostly the mantle. I’m all ready for bright, light, & airy.

Wanna see?

Here’s the spring mantle & a newish little, side table. I moved it out of the bedroom & I love it with my Valentine flowers on it.

The moss ball is totally my favorite! My fiancé doesn’t understand it though…boys!

I got this burlap canvas for half off at Target the other day & I worked the whole mantle around it.

For some reason, I love this old brick! I found it a while back on my family’s farm. I’m just a sucker for old junky things. Ha!

I got this “&” door stopper last year at Hobby Lobby & think it’s perfect by the mantle because no one in their right mind would actually use it to prop the door open down here. It’s much too hot for that y’all!

This pillow makes anyone happy .

I switched some of my pillows out so now they’re all white, navy & gray. Lovin’ this color combo!

I found this cream tray at Target & got 2 of them for just over $2 on clearance. I put one here for the remotes & the other one down there as my simple centerpiece in the dining room.

What do y’all think? Have you made some fresh changes to welcome spring in your home?

Blessings Y’all,…

Small Organized Spaces

It’s Monday the beginning of a new week. That means a fresh start & maybe, just maybe you’re working on some organizing this week! A few weeks ago my fiancé was out of town, so I took it upon myself to start getting everything organized & in order around the house. Opportunity was calling! I didn’t take any before pictures, but I took plenty of after pictures.

Keep scrolling to see how I organized the laundry room, under the sink, the pantry, the coat closet & the hall closet.

I stash laundry stuff, obviously, & extra cleaning supplies on the shelves in here. I used tin cans, mason jars, & wire baskets for some prettier organization. I like to save as many dryer sheets as possible & use for them other things like dusting the baseboards…which I actually haven’t done yet, but I’m sure someday I will. There’s extra lightbulbs in top tub too. My favorite part? The tide pods in the mason jar & the dryer sheets in the basket. They look adorable & are easier to grab that way. Functional & adorable! What more could a girl want in her laundry room?

On the other shelf is my cute sign (Hobby Lobby), a basket of dusting supplies, & larger bottles of cleaning supplies for refills. I love love love the fact that there’s a rod in here. It’s makes hang-drying so easy.

There’s a perfect amount of space for me to hang up mops & brooms. The vacuum fits snug in-between too. I even have a tiny trashcan tucked in the back corner. Every laundry room needs a trashcan!

On the opposite wall I have a really cute shelf me & Michael painted long ago along with a pretty laundry basket for throwing in dirty kitchen towels. You can see what I store in all the drawers. A few feet down in the door & I store the ironing board behind it for now. I’d like to hang it up on the wall eventually.

Now onto the sink!

I’m sure you all know, there is precious storage space underneath the sink! Luckily, I don’t have too big of a cleaning supplies collection yet. But if I did, I’d use those locker shelves to add a second shelf underneath here. Or maybe add a tension rod to hang bottles on. W’ell see! For now I use some baskets I grabbed out of the One Spot at Target for tidying up.

All the way in the back I have a white bucket filled with soap refills & extra sponges. Then I keep my dish drying junk up on the side. I like to keep it off the counter when not in use. The floor cleaner stands in front.

On the opposite end I keep a huge refill bottle of dish soap then detergent, my scrub brush in the red pig & a smaller bottle of dawn that I refill with the big bottle. I’m constantly grabbing those two items in the front so they’re there for easy access.

I have 6 of these plastic baskets holding cleaning supplies. I tried to stick like things together & put the most used things in the front set of baskets. It works well for me at this point.

My favorite, the pantry. While one day I’d love to have clear glass containers all perfectly labeled, I made due what I had for now.

My future mother-in-law gifted me with all these old baskets she was getting rid of a couple of months ago & I’d been saving them for some project. They got put to good use corralling loose items in the pantry. You could go to the thrift store & find a sturdy collection of baskets for under a dollar each & use them in the same way. Take a look at where everything is in here.  I love looking at organized pantries. Am I the only one?

The closets are a little more boring, but organized none-the-less!

I have a side & he has a side. We both have bins for shoes & a drawer for other random things like scarves & mittens or hats. Plus some luggage & some tubs …

Dream Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. Partly because I love food & I love cooking & I love both cooking & eating Thanksgiving food. I especially love having leftovers for a week. That’s probably my favorite part. Of course I so enjoy having my family together to share our gratefulness. It’s so neat that we have a whole holiday devoted to thankfulness. I love pausing to reflect on the good gifts God has blessed me with. It’s a pretty great holiday. Plus the day after is pretty darn fun too. Who doesn’t love the crazy crowds & insane deal on Black Friday?

Last year I put together a “Dream Thanksgiving” blog & decided I just had to do another for this year. The tradition continues on! Here’s my best pinterest picks for the turkey season. You’ll see lots of cheesy & lots of maple. I’m excited!

Spinach Puffs

Cranberry & Pecan Brie

Roasted Turkey in Light Apple Orange Brine

Pan Gravy

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes

Cheddar Cheese Sweet Potatoes topped with Maple Bacon

Whole Foods Green Bean Casserole

Squash Bake

Herbed Chestnut Bread Stuffing

Maple Glazed Carrots

Honey Buttermilk Biscuits

Maple Rosemary Almonds & Cream of Zucchini Soup

Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce

Loaded Cauliflower Casserole & Corn Puddings

Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie

Maple Cream Pumpkin Pie

Sparkling Apple Cider

Oreo Turkeys

Spiced Egg Nog

To see last year’s Dream Thanksgiving, go here. To see all my Thanksgiving posts, go here.

Happy turkey dreaming y’all! Be blessed!

Let me know if you use any of these delish recipes or which ones are your favorites!…