Black Friday Planning Sheet

Now I know everyone has opinions on this. There’s lovers & there’s haters. But first let me give you a little background on how Black Friday came about in my life…

When I was a kid my Nana & Papa would let me & sometimes my brother or cousin tag a long with them to catch some of the Black Friday sales. We thought it was fun & it was a special time for us with our grandparents. Fats forward about 15 years & here we are where Black Friday has transformed into something completely different. While I must say stores opening up on Thanksgiving Day & taking people away from their families in order to work with all the crazies is so heart breaking. I’m totally against stores opening up during the day. I worked retail one Black Friday & it was utterly terrifying. The fact that people will be missing from my Thanksgiving table because of work is so upsetting to me. Yet, I will still be participating in Black Friday shopping this year for a few reasons.

  1. Tradition. It’s in my blood. It’s what I was raised to do.
  2. Bonding time with my Nana. The last 4 years as I came home from college over Thanksgiving I looked forward to Black Friday because I knew it would be a memorable night with her. She can literally shop till she drops. Except she doesn’t drop. Ever. A couple years ago we did an all nighter on Black Friday. Never doing that again. I was dragging way behind. I couldn’t take it. She was up & running. It was crazy.
  3. I cannot stay away from a good deal. That’s in my blood too. I’ve been taught about a good bargain. Both my grandmas & my mom are phenomenal at finding great deals. I have all their power harnessed in me. #cantstopwontstop
  4. It’s plain fun. That might sound absolutely absurd to most of you, but it is. Think of all the people-watching, only crazy people are out that night. It’s like the all-time peak of people watching.  Plus you get to meet all kinds of new people in line.
  5. It’s over with. The goal is to get all the major shopping done so you can avoid the crowds for the rest of the holiday season & sit at home in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate watching sappy Christmas movies. Now doesn’t that sound just lovely?

I know some of you are all into the online shopping for Black Friday & I need your tips! I’ve never tried that & it may be something to look into. I know there might not be times when I can go Black Friday shopping, but for now I’m enjoying it to the fullest.

All that to say…I’ve put together a planning sheet just for Black Friday! I looked around for something like & not one thing popped up on Google. So I made my own & I’m sharing it with you for free! It can be hard to keep up with all the different store times & priority items etc. So I’ve made an easy printable for you to keep all the important info on one sheet.

You can download/print from the link here–>Black Friday Planning Table

Or right click/save as from below.

The printables pretty self explanatory.

If you want to get real fancy/organized, grab a folder! Punch holes in your planning sheet & slide pipe cleaners, ribbon, or string through the holes of the folder & paper to secure it together.

Use the front pocket to wrangle up all your ads.

Then use the back pocket to hold any coupons you find or Christmas lists from the kiddos!

I cut a pipe cleaner into thirds & twisted them after wrapping though the holes. I used shiny gold stickers to spell out Black Friday. I’m getting pretty excited!

My favorite places to hit up are definitely Bass Pro (read about that experience here) & Target. Last favorite? Would have to be Walmart!

What about you? Do you brave the crazy crowds or sleep warm in your bed full of turkey?

Enjoy the printable! Hope it helps you stay organized!

Blessings Y’all…