DIY Personalized Snow Globes

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas crafting is in full swing over here! Today I’m sharing a fun twist on the oh-so-popular mason jar snow globe. We’re going to personalize it with our Christmas card from Tiny Prints!

Because who hasn’t always wanted to live in a snow globe? I’m pretty sure several Lifetime Christmas movies feed off that idea.

This snow globe is full of possibilities- family heirloom, kids craft, teacher or grandparent gift, new family tradition, the list goes on & on. So get as creative as you want with it.

To make your own you’ll need a half-gallon sized mason jar, hot glue, spray glue, faux snow, glitter (optional), mini bottle brush trees &/or other Christmas figurines, washi tape, & your family Christmas card.

Step 1- Spray a light layer of glue inside the mason jar, coating all sides as evenly as possible.

Skip to step 3 if not using glitter!

Step 2- Shake in a little glitter, not too much! Screw the lid on & shake it all around quickly.

You can totally ditch the glitter if you want, it’s up to you. I thought it made things look more magical & snow-globey. But it can also get messy!

Step 3- Bend your card in half so it will slide easily into the mason jar…

& slide the card snugly inside.

Doesn’t it look magical already??! It’s got that Christmas glow.

Step 4- Wrap the lid with some festive washi tape to make it look a little less industrial.

Step 5- Using hot glue, glue down a bottle brush tree &/or any other figurines you choose to the lid base.

Step 6- add more hot glue all around figurines & sprinkle on faux snow. You’ll want a heavy layer so that some will be stuck to the bottom & some will float around when you shake it.

Step 7- Screw the lid onto the mason jar & you have an awesome personalized snow globe! How fun is that!

I am so in love with the look of this, especially with the gold glitter! It’s like we’re trapped in a holiday-daze with swirls of glitter & snow. Too bad it doesn’t snow here in real life! The snow globe will just have to do for now.

Enjoy making & gifting your own personalized snow globes this season!

Blessings Y’all,…

DIY Washi Tape Lamp

I’ve got to be honest with y’all, in the beginning I just wasn’t catching on to the whole wash tape fad. Then one morning, all of a sudden, I felt I  had to go out & start a wash tape collection. That’s exactly what I did too. True story. Since then, I love it! You can add it to literally anything for extra pizzaz & it’s not sticky enough to ruin anything. Versatility is definitely a plus.

My biggest project using washi tape so far is this classy striped lamp. I’m hoping to show some more glimpses of my studio soon. It’s going to be a work in progress as far as things like paint & curtains go, but it’s coming together. It’s all black & white & gold. No surprise there!

Anyhow, I bought the lamp base at Target for a steal! It was originally $55 & marked down to $16. It just needed a shade.

So I bought a plain white lamp shade at Home Depot & pulled out some black washi tape.

I started rolling the tape around the very middle.

Then I used small strips to space out stripes somewhat evenly. Be warned, there’s most likely going to be an “ugly side” where the seams of the tape meet up & bubble a little.

Then finish it all the way around…I totally did this project in bed one night, hence the fluffy white blanket backdrop. But that just goes to show just how easy it is.

The finished product! Don’t you love the pitcher from the Oh Joy Target collection too? I’d passed it up for weeks before finally getting it, so happy I finally did! They’ll be the best of friends.

Here it is turned on in it’s natural environment. Check out last week’s post for the free Taylor Swift printables seen above & a quick clipboard DIY!

Blessings Y’all,…