Oreo M&M Brookies

The other night my sister-in-law, Erica, asked me to help her make something for a bake sale they were having at work. Of course, I jumped on the opportunity! I love baking & I really love “testing” what I’ve made. Plus I was hoping to get a good blog post of it. Sure enough, here we are.

We had discussed a dessert layering cookie dough, Oreos, caramel & brownies that she recently tried. That sounded great, but we wanted to do it our own way. I had made chocolate chip cookies with Oreos inside a few times with my old roommate, Ciara & we always devoured them as soon as they popped out of our little toaster  oven.  So between both of our experiences, we knew the direction we were heading.

We decided to do a cookie dough with Oreo chunks & M&M’s mixed in on top of a fudgy brownie layer with some nuts. The results were breath-taking.

PS- I used this cookie cake recipe from Emeril Lagasse on Food Network minus a few of the last additions.

Get together all your ingredients- brownie mix + what it calls for (eggs/oil), flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, salt, butter, eggs, vanilla, Oreos, M&M’s, mini chocolate chips, & pecans. Any of the last 4 ingredients are optional/interchangeable/replaceable. Experimenting is highly encouraged.

First, mix together your brownie batter. Never use a mixer for brownies! Do it by hand.

Go ahead & pour the brownie batter in the pan. That way it can set up a little before the cookie dough goes on top. This helps keeps the layers separate.

Measure out your flour, baking soda, & salt.

I usually use a whisk to ensure there are no lumps.

Cream together the butter & both sugars.

Add eggs & vanilla then mix thoroughly.

Now add the flour mixture a little at a time, mixing after each addition. I try to add the flour in 3-4 batches.

Mix in the chocolate chips. I chose to use mini ones because I wanted my fillings to all be different sizes. Regular chocolate chips work just the same.

Count out 12 Oreos (or more if you so desire) & eat the rest. That’s why you see my milk glass back there. 😉

I  have no clue what this tool is called but it worked perfectly to break up my Oreo’s.

I wanted to keep them pretty big for the cookie cake. I thought you’d be able to see them better this way, but not so much…

Add those to the dough too!

Next up are the M&M’s. We used the pretty spring ones for extra cuteness. You could make these appropriate for any holiday by using themed M&M’s & colored Oreo’s.

Spoon the cookie dough on top of the brownie layer very carefully. You want it as even as you can get it without intermixing the layers. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes then slice & enjoy!

Oh My Lanta!

Now this is a treat that deserves to be topped with a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream or chased down with a glass of milk. This will be so good as a skillet cookie topped with ice cream, whipped cream, &  more M&M’s. I’ll be making that one soon!

Get the printable recipe here or copy/paste from below.

Make sure you have a crowd to feed these to or you will eat every last bite yourself.

They’ll be perfect for a last minute Easter treat with some pastel M&M’s & spring Oreo’s.

See my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe here & all my Oreo recipes here!

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Patriotic Door Hanger

The Fourth of July has always, always, always been one of my favorite holidays. Probably my second favorite. Like, Christmas first, Fourth of July second. I just looooove all the patriotism & fireworks & summerness of it all. I’d say over 1/2 of my Fourth of July’s have been spent traveling which makes it that much better. Although, I do keep saying I want to throw a huge July 4th party one of these years. It will have to wait till we have a nice, fancy pool! my original due date was the Fourth of July, I was born 5 days later on the 9th. I almost came on the fourth, my momma even went to the hospital (I was her first baby), but I wasn’t quite done baking yet. So I feel a special connection with the holiday. Also, fireworks are my very favorite thing in the whole, entire world. I wish fireworks shows went on for hours upon hours. Alas, I will settle for 10-20 minute shows. Disney World is my jam for said reasons. It is my dream to one day stay at the Grand Floridian & watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from my balcony.

One extremely long tangent later & we’re on to this fabulous wooden door hanger! I found the wood cutouts blank at Target for $5 a piece in the One Spot/Bullseye’s Playground. The words “Land That I Love” were even cutout already! You really can’t beat that for 5 bucks y’all. It comes blank & was just perfect for an easy Fourth of July DIY!

To make your own you’ll need:

Land that I love wood cutout (Target One Spot)

Red, white & blue spray paint

Blue star burlap ribbon (Walmart)

Painters tape

Step 1: Untie blue hanging cord & set aside. Wipe wood with a cloth to remove lint, etc.

Step 2: Spray paint entire thing white & let dry.

Step 3: Use painter’s tape to make stripes on the America.

Step 4: Spray paint entire thing red & let dry.

Step 5: Remove painter’s tape.

Step 6: Add the blue burlap bow using twine. Tie between the top of the “L” in “Land” & the top of the America.

Step 7: Retie blue cording to hang with. Put it up!

That’s it y’all! Pretty darn easy! You can use other patterns too, of course. I did one all red with white polka dots & one that was navy & red chevron. This version was my absolute favorite & has received the most attention. I made a whole bunch to sell at the shop, but am hoping one is left for me to use!

Blessings Y’all!…