12 Months of Wreaths- Round 2!

Over a year ago, I shared a blog brimming with front door inspiration. I included 12 photos from various blogs with a different wreath for each month. That blog has been soooooo popular that I decided to do another one & what better time than January?

I think I’ll have to make this a yearly thing!

Here y’all go!

**Note: several of these wreaths come from Etsy, feel free to buy their wreath or recreate it yourself! They have some great ideas that serve as awesome inspiration for your own front doors.

January is from Addicted 2 Decorating.

Seriously, what a genius idea to use the Epsom salt for ‘glistening.’ I can’t get enough of these little snowballs. I plan to make this wreath next January!

February is from an Etsy seller.

She has some in stock but it is totally possible to make this yourself. I just imagine it would be very time consuming! I am in love with this one. So precious for V-day.

March is from Pinterest.

I am not sure where this originally links to. It took me back to Pinterest when I clicked the image. Appears fairly easy to mock up for yourself. I think it’s a lovely rustic spring-is-here wreath without being too over-the-top-flambuoyant.

April is from Homey Home Designs

I am definitely making this wreath for our front door for Easter next year. She has mounds of cute yarn wreath ideas if you want to see more like this one. It’s totally worth checking out!

May from an Etsy seller who’s shop is currently closed but promises to reopen.

Monograms & May go hand in hand. Another semi-easy one to whip up yourself, with the help of Pinterest tutorials. You can order a wooden monogram from lots of places online like here, here, or here (this one’s only $10!). Of course, if you happen to have a fancy wood cutting machine, have at it yourself!

PS-A pair of these on the doors to a wedding would be beautiful. Plannin’ on that one myself!

June is from Pinterest.

The anchor is a fantastic addition for a summertime wreath! This one’s seems like ‘smooth sailing.’ Ah I crack myself up. Again, not sure where the link should lead to as it led me straight to the photo only.

July from A Little Crafting.

Love the antique look & the cheapness of the coffee filters. This is an adorable vintage-y patriotic wreath.

August is from Pinterest.

I am unsure what this was originally linked back to; but when I found it, it did not take me anywhere. Due to the abundance of burlap wreath tutorials currently on Pinterest, figuring this one out will be a piece of pie.

September is from an Etsy seller & is no longer available.

But there’s enough tutorials on Pinterest to help you figure this one out. My grandmother loves roosters & used to have them all over her kitchen. This reminds me of her & is so absolutely adorable. It would look great in a farmhouse style kitchen.

October is from an Etsy seller as well.

She has an original & others like it for sale. Again, I think this would be fairly easy to figure out how to make yourself if you’re game.

November is from another Etsy seller.

There are lots of similar wreaths in her shop. This one would be so easy to imitate yourself. I this deep cranberry color would be perfect for Thanksgiving but could also work for an A&M wreath.

December is from Pinterest.

I hope to make one just like this for next year to go with all the Christmas decor I purchased post season this year. I can see the gloriousness of it all already!

Well, I sure hope you leave this post feeling oh so inspired for all the upcoming months/holidays/seasons.

Happy everything to you my friend!

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