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22 Thanksgiving Pies!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen all the pies I’ve been pinning lately. Well, in preparation for Thanksgiving, a lot of research must be done on the pie. Am I right y’all? He’s a prime character of the feast, after all. These […]

Happy Fall Y'all Printable Candy Corn Tag

My grandma loves candy corn & I always think of her when I see it around this time of year. So I decided I’d send her some packaged in a cute little jar with a matching candy corn tag tied around it. Candy corn should […]

Fall Harvest Hutch

I’m just finishing up my fall decorating & wanted to share a big kitchen addition. We fixed up this hutch/shelf thing a couple of years ago & it hadn’t found a spot in the new house yet. Originally I wanted to put it in the […]

Fall Burlap & Feather Canvas Art

 Hello there lovely readers! I’m so glad you’re here & do hope you’ll stay & get comfy! If you keep up with me on Instagram, you might have caught the slim beginnings of the 2 gallery walls in our long entry way. I’ve been adding to them […]

Mini Fall Wreath

Goodmorning! Today I’m sharing this adorable mini wreath perfect for fall. It makes for a fun, after-dinner project. It’s my back-door wreath, cause every door is deserving of a wreath right? & Because I can’t stop decorating. 😉 I got all the supplies for super […]

Fall at The Manor

I just realized the titles of the last 3 posts I’ve written all start with “Fall.”  Oops…time to get more creative in my titles! It’s just that time of year isn’t it? Hopefully soon I’ll have some non-fall titled posts to share. Lol. Anyway, I’m […]

Fall Burlap Wreath

Goodmorning folks! Like promised yesterday, I’ll be sharing a little more insight as to what went into my fall wreath. I’ve always wanted to make one of those bubbly, burlap wreaths but hadn’t had the opportunity yet. A new fall front porch was the perfect occasion! […]

Fall Front Porch

Well hello dear friends! I know I have not blogged in many months, but the time has come to pick it up again & I am thrilled to be at my computer blogging away! I’m striving to keep this a regular thing & put all […]

Reeses Filled Brownie Owl Cupcakes

I am safely home & well for Thanksgiving break! I spent the day doing loads of laundry and working on these cuties. Tomorrow all of my mom’s family is getting together for my Papa’s 65th birthday. I’m so excited to hang out with everyone & […]