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20 No Heat Hairstyles

I’ve been on the long hair journey a good majority of my life. That means, you’ve gotta keep the split ends away. The only way to avoid them is to avoid the heat. Which is somedays, totally unavoidable. I get it. However, on those days […]

Bun Ties

It’s Friday night & I’m definitely taking a break from avoiding writing my exegetical paper on Ruth 3 that’s due tomorrow night. I can only hope yours is playing out a bit more exciting than mine. So a couple weekends ago, Michael & I were […]

She Had Feathers in Her Hair

    Who wouldn’t want fancy feathers in their hair? I sure do! So I did it Jordan did it & then taught me how to do it too. Now I’m teaching you:      You’ll need an assortment of feathers (we got these at […]