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DIY Woodslice Garland

Happy Monday morning folks! I’m calling today super Monday, because I’m going to get lots & lots done today! Hopefully, that includes getting up a bunch of my Christmas decor! The first piece I got up last night was this woodsy new garland I made […]

10 Awesome Christmas Cards with Dogs

Have you noticed my last 5 blog post title start with numbers? I need some non-numbered content…maybe tomorrow! For today, I’m sharing some great ways to incorporate your fur babies into your Christmas card photo! We rescued 2 puppies & I think it would be […]

3 Tier Candy Cane Tray

I have been collecting Sonic mints for ages. You see, I visit them just about everyday for my necessary dose of Dr. Pepper & they always give out free mints. I have a gigantic pickle jar full of them in my craft room just dying to […]

7 Themed Christmas Trees!

First off, Happy Friday! It’s time to enjoy the weekend! Yayy! It’s also time for you to start thinking about this year’s Christmas decor & more specifically, your tree! Do you do a themed tree every year or a mix up of everything you hold […]

DIY Pinecone Mason Jar Luminaries

This is a project you make right now & use for both your Thanksgiving & Christmas decor. I’ve really started to love the look of glowing fairy lights mixed into decor. I originally ordered these to use at our wedding & since then they haven’t […]

Christmas Magic Bars

Hey y’all! Happy few days before Christmas! Hope you’re getting to enjoy some time off this week  & reflecting on the reason for the season! But just in case you’re still running around like a mad person in the hustle & bustle, I’ve got a super […]

Hot Cocoa Bar

Goodmorning lovely people! I turned a gorgeous new apothecary table I picked up at Target into a hot chocolate station for Christmas! Now if only it would get cold enough outside to enjoy it! Mostly because everyone’s doing it…I gave in to the hot cocoa […]

{Tacky or Not} Floral Christmas Crowns

Howdy friends! Do you have any tacky sweater Christmas parties to attend this weekend? Or maybe you’re feeling a little extra jolly lately? You probably need one more way to add some Christmas cheer to your outfits for the next week! I’ve got just the thing! […]

Rolo Pretzel Wreaths

A few years ago my mom was teaching preschool & all the kids brought in yummy treats for her to take home at Christmastime. We really, really enjoyed this time at the house by the way! Hidden in all those sweets was a treasure, an […]

Holiday Survival Boxes {To Keep The Men Happy}

      Good afternoon y’all! One week from today it will be Christmas Eve! I hope I’m not making you nervous with my countdown reminders everyday…I’m sorry! This morning I shared my Holiday Glam Kits, they’re super cute so check them out! I promised […]

Holiday Glam Boxes {For Those Fab Gals}

Goodmorning y’all! I have a fun gift to share today plus a free printable! They’re perfect to throw together for all the leading ladies & fancy girlfriends in your life. Of course, you change up the items you choose to put in the basket. I […]

Christmasing the Couches!

I’m sure you all had some couches like these back in the day, when you first started out. Hand me downs that are older than you from some sweet family member or other. Thankful to have something to sit on, but praying for the day […]

Fishing Lure Christmas Tree

Hello gals! Today’s post is for the fisherman in your life. Just in time for that special holiday that is now only 9 days away. Eek! Are you ready? I’m done minus one gift. My Grandpa wants heated socks. Only problem is you can’t find those […]

Frozenland! {The Frozen Village}

I sure hope you haven’t gotten enough of Frozen yet because… From Arrendelle all the way up to the North Mountain, I recreated a Christmas village symbolizing the Disney movie, Frozen. What little girl (including myself) isn’t totally completely obsessed with Frozen? My niece who’s […]

Lumberjack Christmas Porch

I love decorating the porch now. There’s just so many possibilities for the empty brick & concrete space between the driveway & the from door. Plus it’s the first thing people see when they are welcomed into your home & the only thing people see […]

Golden Nativity

Nativity sets are expensive. Christmas fact #542. End of story. Unless of course, you visit the good ole Dollar Tree. Unfortunately, when you do visit the good ole Dollar Tree the options are kind of drab. Kind of 90’s. Kind of shiny. & not the […]

Christmas Tree Reveal

Good Monday Morning! I’m so so so so so so so excited to share my first Christmas tree of my whole entire life with y’all! My parents stopped doing trees when I was little because they want the focus to be the birth of Jesus […]

Christmas at the Manor!

Happy Friday friends! Hope your December has been off to a swell start. I just love everything about this season & am happy embracing all things holiday-related. I am over-the-moon about decorating the manor for Christmas! We just got our tree last night so it […]

How to Color Bottle Brush Trees

I’ve seen lots of colorful trees this year & they come with a bit of a price tag. I’d seen a couple tutorials floating around the internet & decided to give it a go. The outcome is so pretty & they are sooooo much easier […]

DIY Chalkboard Stocking Hangers

So being new to the whole having-a-house-to-decorate-for-Christmas thing I had no idea how pricey nice stocking hangers can get. I went by one of my go -to stores & found the “cheap ones” were proudly priced at $15 a piece. I think I literally gasped. […]