Mastering the Art of Target Shopping- 25 #TargetHacks to Save Your Life & Your Wallet

FYI- This is awfully lengthy, yet equally parts informative. Grab a drink & go to the bathroom before you dive in. I know we are all great supporters of Target & will always have big places in our hearts for them. I dare to believe […]

Mealey Wedding Details Part III- Our Invitation Suite + How to Actually Save Money on Your Postage!

Probably my longest title ever in my whole blogging history. Yet, it was totally necessary. I wanted fancy, over the top invitations for an extremely low price. This presents a challenge. I oohed & ached over all of the gorgeous sets for sale online. I […]

Black Friday Planning Sheet

We made it to Friday yay! Speaking of Friday, y’all know what next Friday is right? That’s right, it’s Black Friday! Now I know everyone has opinions on this. There’s lovers & there’s haters. But first let me give you a little background on how […]

A College Student's Gold

    If you are not a college student, do not have children in college, & do not know anyone in college anywhere- this is not for you. There will be no point in you reading this. So I’m telling you now, don’t. However, if […]