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Gravy Warmer

Good gravy y’all! I’ve got a Thanksgiving game changer over here. It all started a month or so ago as I was …

organization blogs

My Favorite Organizing Blogs

I love organization. It makes my whole world go round. I keep telling Michael I can’t wait for the new house to …

Best bLOG tIPS

My Favorite Blog Helps

I spent the latter half of last week, working hard on the behind-the-scenes part of Slice of Southern Pie. I really love …


Hiccups Be Gone

I HATE HICCUPS! There. I said it. They have caused me great pain my entire life. I’m convinced that my hiccups are …

Clever 5

How to really score at Target- Their clearance codes translated.  This info is gold! Thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady!

Clever 4

     Ink prices getting you down? I know I wait till the last possible minute to buy ink because it’s just …