DIY Flower Headbands

Every Easter growing up my grandmother got all the ladies in my family a lily corsage to wear on her dress. I thought it was so special as a little girl & dreamed of the day I’d be old enough to wear one. I was 11 […]

How to Shop for Cute Clothes at Walmart

Yes, all things are possible! I’m working on making my blog more ‘my voice’ & less what everyone else is doing. I want it to be different than all the other blogs out there & more about my own likes, concerns, ideas, creativity, etc. I […]

Spring Shoes

Hello my lovely readers & visitors. I hope I find you on a lovely Sunday afternoon. It is incredibly foggy here. Incredibly. My awesome fiance took me to my favorite place in the world the other night, Target. I wanted some of those little Ked’s […]

Hiccups Be Gone

I HATE HICCUPS! There. I said it. They have caused me great pain my entire life. I’m convinced that my hiccups are ‘extreme.’ I don’t get hiccups like the average person. My hiccups HURT. They hurt A LOT. Anyone else out there with this problem? […]

20 No Heat Hairstyles

I’ve been on the long hair journey a good majority of my life. That means, you’ve gotta keep the split ends away. The only way to avoid them is to avoid the heat. Which is somedays, totally unavoidable. I get it. However, on those days […]

Work It Out Jar

If you’re anything like me, or any other human on the earth, you need some motivation to work out. I feel ya. So, I made myself this super shiny jar of workouts. “WORK IT OUT” I’m hoping it’ll aid in my lack of motivation. It […]

Babygail's Closet

I am so excited to introduce y’all to my sister in law, Erica’s new blog, Babygail’s Closet! She will be featuring the precious Abigail dressed in the latest baby trends. I’ve mentioned before that I have the most adorable niece in the world. Well that’s […]

Bun Ties

It’s Friday night & I’m definitely taking a break from avoiding writing my exegetical paper on Ruth 3 that’s due tomorrow night. I can only hope yours is playing out a bit more exciting than mine. So a couple weekends ago, Michael & I were […]

DIY Good-Bye Cellulite Scrub

You can find things like this all over Pinterest. I tried & mixed a few of the ones I came across there & came up with this. I’ve been using this scrub for the last few months & love it. Of course, cellulite does not […]

Washing Vera Bradley

     Some of you know, I reallllly reallllllllllly like  love Vera Bradley. So much so, that I’ve named my car Vera. As a result, I have way too much! I’m not always the most careful &, like everyone else, spill things. Sometimes, those things […]

Keep Your Make-Up Brushes Clean

     I don’t even want to imagine how much make-up is built up in my make-up brushes! I use them daily & can’t say I wash them as often as I should. After this last cleaning, I’m hoping to change that. Washing your brushes […]

DIY Pastel Stripes

      This week is huge-430 teenagers! We made brisket last night, talk about some hunks of meat. Tonight’s tacos, so I’ve had a nice break since lunch. What have I done with my break? (Other than blog & hit up Sonic). Put pastels in my […]

She Had Feathers in Her Hair

    Who wouldn’t want fancy feathers in their hair? I sure do! So I did it Jordan did it & then taught me how to do it too. Now I’m teaching you:      You’ll need an assortment of feathers (we got these at […]