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DIY Flower Headbands

Every Easter growing up my grandmother got all the ladies in my family a lily corsage to wear on her dress. I …


Spring Shoes

Hello my lovely readers & visitors. I hope I find you on a lovely Sunday afternoon. It is incredibly foggy here. Incredibly. …


Hiccups Be Gone

I HATE HICCUPS! There. I said it. They have caused me great pain my entire life. I’m convinced that my hiccups are …


20 No Heat Hairstyles

I’ve been on the long hair journey a good majority of my life. That means, you’ve gotta keep the split ends away. …


Work It Out Jar

If you’re anything like me, or any other human on the earth, you need some motivation to work out. I feel ya. …


Babygail’s Closet

I am so excited to introduce y’all to my sister in law, Erica’s new blog, Babygail’s Closet! She will be featuring the …


Bun Ties

It’s Friday night & I’m definitely taking a break from avoiding writing my exegetical paper on Ruth 3 that’s due tomorrow night. …

     Some of you know, I reallllly reallllllllllly like  love Vera Bradley. So much so, that I’ve named my car Vera. As a result, I have way too much! I’m not always the most careful … → October 23, 2012