How To Unload Your Dishwasher Faster

Seriously, this no joke! Unless, you’re already doing all of these things. I wasn’t. Sometimes it seemed like it’d take me forever to empty the dishwasher. It made me dread such a simple task. I finally decided I had to find a way to make it go faster & more efficient. So I did!

If you need help like I did, keep reading for the best kitchen tips!

How to Unload Your Dishwasher Faster...Seriously! 4 Tips for Ultimate Efficiency!

1- Create a system. Do you go top rack, then bottom? Or bottom, top, silverware? Creating fluidity & routine makes it go quicker. I do the bottom rack, then the top rack & always, always save the silverware for last. Find what method is the quickest for you.

2- Take everything out at one time. Do not put away a few items at a time & walk back over to your dishwasher to the appropriate cabinet, etc. This wastes a TON of time! Instead, empty the entire dishwasher onto the surrounding countertops without putting anything away. I will set things towards the direction they go. For example, if plates go to the far right, put them on the farthest right spot you can reach without moving away from the dishwasher. This way everything gets pulled out at once, but is halfway toward the place it needs to be.

**This was the single, biggest time-saver for me.

3 – Leave all the doors/drawers open until everything is put away. Do not close a cabinet or drawer if you have more things to put in it. I usually leave everything open until the last dish is put away then I run around to shut them all real quick. If you’re opening & closing cabinets multiple times this saves a ton of time too.

4- Race Yourself! Yes, race yourself! Setting timers is one the most effective ways to get chores done, at least for me. I often set timers for 30 minutes & see how much of a room I can get clean or if I can do all the bathrooms in 20  minutes, etc. For the dishwasher, I simply race myself. For example, if I know it took me 4 minutes yesterday, I should try to get it done in 3 minutes today. Obviously, this is dependent upon what is in the dishwasher/ how full it is. But the theory usually helps me a lot. I always want to get it done quicker & beat my own time. This would probably work great for kids too, as long as nothing gets broken in the competitiveness!

How to Unload Your Dishwasher Faster...Seriously! 4 Tips for Ultimate Efficiency!

Okay, those are my 4 tips! What are your tips for getting chores done faster?!

Blessings Y’all!


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