Garage Sale Find to Dish Towel Rack

Garage Sale Find to Dish Towel Rack

I’ve heard about these garage sale groups on Facebook forever, but never found or joined them until a few weeks ago. Guys, it’s a whole new world that’s opened up!!

Just get on Facebook & search for you town/surrounding towns & garage sale after or yard sale or virtual garage sale, etc. You’re bound to find a few local groups to join. The point is to sell large items or small items, 1 thing or a bunch of things all to local via Facebook. It’s usually up to the purchaser to pick up the item & have exact cash. At least that seems to be the case around me. I haven’t personally sold anything yet, but definitely will in the future.

I did, however make my very first purchase! While there are so many awesome furniture items on there for super cheap, I decided to start small, with this.

Vintage Magazine Rack Upcycled to Dish Towel Rack

Not so great you say? Well it was $10 & I’ve been dreaming of something like this for months! You see, I have several purchasing problems, kitchen towels being one of them. I like to have them for all seasons/occasions/holidays etc. I NEED them. Anyone relate? Storage had become an issue. I’m usually displaying/using 5 or more at a time, but that meant I had about 20-25 of them  not being used. I could not come up with a storage solution that worked. I tried several different things that either broke or fell apart under pressure. So most recently, I’d given up & tossed them in a basket to become all wrinkly. I have seen several people with rows of towel bars, but I wasn’t sure where’d I put those or if I could ever convince my husband to drill holes into our precious walls for the sake of seasonal dish towel storage.

Hence this this thing. Which is technically a “vintage” magazine rack. I’m sure this lady did not think it would sell so quickly & easily, but as soon as I saw it, I scooped it up! Can’t beat $10 to settle all of my storage woes!

Vintage Magazine Rack Upcycled to Dish Towel Rack

It did require a fresh coat of paint. Which was easy peasy cause I spray painted it. Nobody has time to hand paint those tiny bars!

Vintage Magazine Rack Upcycled to Dish Towel Rack

The turquoise worked well & matches my kitchen perfectly! Here it is with just a few towels, so you can see the full effect.

Vintage Magazine Rack Upcycled to Dish Towel Rack

I decided to hang it up in my laundry room & filled her up! See what I’m sayin’? Loads of towels up there. Anyway, I’m so happy with the turnout & my little upcycle! Don’t worry, I used a whole bunch of tacks to hang it up… 🙂

What else could we use an old magazine rack for?!

Blessings Y’all!


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