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Howdy Y’all!

Today marks one full, successful year of marriage for the husband & I! So exciting! He asked me this morning if it felt like we’d been married for a year. I thought it felt like about a year to me, so I said ya I think so. He said it felt we’d been married forever already! I’m just gonna take that as a good thing. But it is pretty much the best thing ever & ever to be married to your best friend. Life is 10,000 times more enjoyable with your person.

It’s so unbelievable how God made us for each other. I read in a novel a few years ago about a Jewish legend, which explained how God chooses our spouse. The book read that every time a baby boy entered the world, an angel whispered the name of his future wife. Now, I don’t even know if this is real Jewish tradition or just what that book said. Either way, I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever read!

This has been a crazy year for us, so many high highs & low lows. It’s really defined the foundation of our marriage & built up our relationship with each other. I’m thrilled to see what God has in store for our future! Hopefully, lots & lots of babies! 😉

I wanted to round up all of my wedding posts in one big huddle for y’all on this post today…so here ya go!


First things first, check out this awesome drone video of our wedding! Yes, we had a drone. So thankful for a neighbor of my aunt doing that for us!

My major inspiration photos are captured here. Found from all across Pinterest & my fave wedding magazines.


I asked 3 of my younger cousins to be jr. bridesmaids with these fun craft kits. I included a card asking them to be in the bridal party, nail polish, a ring pop & all the supplies they’d need to make a one of a kind headband for the wedding. They’re all little diyer’s in the age of Pinterest, so they loved them! See the full post here.


I had to make boxes for the older bridesmaids too, of course. We can’t leave anyone out! See all the details here.


I made my own garters & they came out pretty fancy. Catch the diy look here.


I decided to jump on the house party train & bring back this old Texas wedding tradition. Learn more about that here. 


Our entire invitation suite was diyed & gold-foiled by my go-to team of hard workers. I pay them all in love & good food! See how we did it here.


My wonderful friends & family threw me a Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower, where everything was just perfect! Scroll through the photos of the day here.


In this post I share some of the bachelorette party decor. It was so perfect! See it all here.


I love how cute & manly (is that a thing? cute & manly?) the groomsmen’s gift boxes came out. See more on those here.


We got married a little over 3 hours & I don’t regret anything about it. I would do the same thing 10 million times. It took a ton of pre-planning, preparing & organizing to make it all happen. Read up on my tips for how to get married 3+ hours away here.


I went pretty hardcore on our centerpieces & each one was a completely different mix of vintage finds, mason jars, candles, lace & flowers anchored on log slices. I had an amazing team of bridesmaids & family members to help execute my ideas flawlessly. Several hot glue gun burns later, everything was gorgeously eclectic! I wrote up a pretty detailed guide over here. 


We made our own archway to do our vows under too. Isn’t it huge & majestic & oh-so-rustic?! My husband gets all the credit for that one. See how he did it here.


If you want to see our wedding day photos of just us, click here! They’re pretty sweet, like you might cry.

View More: http://katiehillphotography.pass.us/mealeywedding

In love with my bridal portraits! To see more of myself, go here.

View More: http://katiehillphotography.pass.us/cathryne-bridal

My favorite wedding party photos are posted up here.

View More: http://katiehillphotography.pass.us/mealeywedding

I had so much fun setting up all the little details & different areas at the wedding. This our sign in table. Its exactly how I wanted it, except for the empty typewriter! I had an adorable I spent forever & forever making that was supposed to slide in. But, I completely forgot to stick it in there & didn’t even notice till I was looking back at photos later! Anyway, see the whole setup here. 

View More: http://katiehillphotography.pass.us/mealeywedding

All the lawn games were brought out for extra entertainment. See the lounge area here.


These easy peasy mason jar lanterns helped keep things nicely lit once the sun went down. Get the full scoop here.


Then we were off to Florida for Disney World. Catch up on our Disneymoon here.




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