SNAP Conference Countdown

SNAP Conference Countdown +Printable!

If you’re not a blogger, this might not make sense to you & you may not care at all. So you can quit reading now if you’d like…you’ve been warned!

I am so so so so so so darn excited to be heading to SLC in April for SNAP Conference! I’m literally counting down the days with this little countdown I whipped up.

SNAP Conference Countdown +Printable!

I feel like a little kid waiting Christmas pulling off a number everyday. It’s becoming rather ritualistic. It’s sitting pretty on my desk in my craft room.

SNAP Conference Countdown +Printable!

It’s a huge conference for creative bloggers & I’ve spent the last 2 or 3 years heavily stalking loads of bloggers on Instagram during the conference. I can’t believe I actually get to go this year! I am as equally as nervous because I literally do not know one other person going & I’m not known to be the most outgoing person ever. I’m a bit anxious about flying all the way to Utah too. Not that I’m scared for the actual flight, but I am not the least bit familiar with airports. I’ve only flown 4 times in my life (twice as a child) & only once was by myself. It was just from Dallas to Houston & that alone was a struggle for me. Hoping I can figure it out if I get there extremely early!

SNAP Conference Countdown +Printable!

I have been devouring any SNAP recaps I can find on other blogs & checking the site everyday hoping to see the schedule! I’ve come across plenty of tips & a few helpful packing lists along in the way. I’ve linked a few up for you to check out too- Two Twenty One, The SITS Girls, Busy Mom’s Helper, The Crafted Sparrow, Snap Conference,

 To make my countdown, I took a tall stack of mini post-its & started with number 1 at the back all the way till today. I used a piece of tape to stick it onto my frame. You can even use my printable if you’d like! Anyone else counting down?

SNAP Conference Countdown +Printable!

Be sure to scale it down to size before printing.

Will I see you at SNAP? Be my friend please!!! I’m a sweet girl, I promise 🙂

Blessings Y’all!


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