Proverbs 31 Woman- Daily Confession

Happy Sunday folks!

I hope you’re fully enjoying the morning with a big stack of pancakes or luscious cinnamon rolls or decadant donuts. Whatever your fancy.

Since jr. high Proverbs 31 has been so dear to my heart. We studied it over & over throughout school & even had to memorize the entire thing one year (even the parts about guzzling wine, before he gets to the woman part). My mom emphasized the importance as well & bought me “teen books” on it. All of which I am ultimately thankful for. it’s pretty darn great.

My mother also emphasized the importance of daily confessions from the time I could read. She wrote a few different versions for us throughout my lifetime. We had to take turns reading them out loud on the way to school every morning. Which none of us much enjoyed in the early hours before school. We typically tried to rush through it as quickly as possible. But I suppose the point came across because I found myself asking my mom to write me one when I went to college. The practice of confessing positive, Godly things over yourself everyday certainly isn’t a bad habit to start.

A few weeks ago I decided to combine the 2- Proverbs 31 & daily confession. So I sat down & wrote out a confession mirroring the Proverbs 31 woman in as modern a version as I could. I even made a lovely printable so I can share it with all of you!

Proverbs 31 Woman Confession

You can right click/save as from the above photo or download the pdf file- Proverbs 31 Woman Confession.

I hang mine up in my closet & read it as I get dressed in the mornings.

I sure hope you’ll join me in speaking these things over yourself everyday.

Blessings Y’all,


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