My First Craft Show!

Hey everyone!

I got to do my first ever craft show a couple of weekends ago & I’m sharing a bit about my experience today!

Craft Show Tips & Set Up Ideas | | #CraftShow

I have literally wanted to do craft shows my whole, entire life. Just ask anyone I know & they’ll agree. I’ve been talking about doing one since I was in high school. I know, I’m so weird. Mostly old people do craft shows & mostly they sell really strange stuff. Trust me, I’ve now experienced other vendors first hand! They are all sweet as can be though & very supportive.

My grandmother did craft shows when I was a little girl & I loved helping her make wreaths or sit at her booth. She was so excited when I told her I was going to start doing them & she may even end up joining forces with me! We’ll see grandma!

Here is my overall set up, with my shop full. I took this picture first thing after we finished set up Saturday morning. So no one had been by or boughten any product at this point. I did run out of a few things & had to make another handful of wreaths Saturday night; but overall, for this certain show my stock was pretty good. In the end I could have made quite a few more of my less expensive items. Those were the first to go.

Craft Show Tips & Set Up Ideas | | #CraftShow

I used 2 long tables to display my product & a pink ironing board for check out. Vintage quilts & runners covered the tables. I used Dollar Store items for display pieces- probably my best tip right there! That included a inch of wreath hangers & picture frame stands. There were plenty of wreath hangers out with the Christmas stuff & same goes for the stands. The stands were a pretty tacky bright yellow gold (not the cool kind) so I gave them all a quick coat of cream spray paint. I used them to display all of my signs upright on the table.

The scree door is probably my favorite display piece. I plan to add another hook halfway down for another wreath to hang on it. I would hang my favorite wreath on the door & then replace it with my next favorite after it sold. All the wreaths I hung up there sold! It was a great way to draw people into my booth.

Make sure you have some sort of big sign with your shop name that’s easily visible. I whipped mine up the day before with my Cricut, some white vinyl & an old shelf from my childhood bedroom.

A pallet works great for displaying anything that can hang, especially garlands/ banners. I used some large chicken wire frames & clothespins for garlands as well. Wood crates worked perfectly for holding & displaying smaller product, like mason jars. Big baskets are another good option for displays. I laid mine with cloth & filled it with goodies. Another one stood up on its side to display more items. If you have some without handles you can use them as stands.

I disguised an empty tub with some burlap & used it as extra display space at the last minute. The different level worked very well space wise. I also used an old doll bed to hold more signs.

Make sure everything has prices on it. Some people won’t even ask if they can’t find a price, they’ll just leave. I know because I am often guilty of this myself!

Have at least one small/ cheaper item & make a bunch of them. Then display them right at your checkout area so people can grab one more (affordable) item while they’re checking out. For me this was a basket of small fall painted mason jars for $5. I sold more of those than anything else.

Craft Show Tips & Set Up Ideas | | #CraftShow

A few things I wanted to make sure to have on hand:

Business Cards- More people took cards than actually purchased product. People like the option of buying online & browsing without feeling pressure to buy right then. I have seen a major increase of shop traffic since the show.

Office Supplies- Just the basics are necessary. I kept scissors, pens, pencils & notecards.

Bags- Even if you have used grocery bags (like I did for my first show), people will definitely appreciate them!

Extra Pricing Supplies- Keep extra tags & attachments on hand for items that may have missed or lost their tag, etc. I also used several chalkboards to display item prices; so I had extra boards & extra chalk on hand.

Water/ Snacks- It was in the mid 90’s during my entire craft show & cold water was a must. Have some snacks on hand to tide you over till someone shows up with lunch for you or until the show closes for dinnertime.

Book/ Magazine- There will likely be lulls, so be prepared to entertain yourself!

Sunscreen/ Bugspray/ Chapstick- If you’re doing an indoor show this obviously does not apply. However, the first day sunscreen didn’t even cross my mmd & I paid for it.

Cardreader- I used Paypal & highly recommend it. You can get one for free when you open up a business account. I had no problems at all. People are able to spend much more using a card vs cash.

Folding Chair- Don’t overlook a place to sit!

Fresh Flowers- Because they make everyone, especially myself, happy happy happy!

I also made sure to have a sign stating acceptable forms of payment. It really helps to have this out. I’ll even share the printable with you guys to use for your own show! Just right click/ save as from below.

 Craft Show Tips & Set Up Ideas | | #CraftShow

Craft Show Tips & Set Up Ideas | | #CraftShow

What are your best show tips? Please share with this newbie!!

Blessings Y’all!


PS- If you are interested in any of the items you saw in the photos please visit my etsy shop!

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