Mealey Wedding Details Part I- DIY Rustic Beam Arch

Hello darling friends! It has been a crazy few weeks. If you keep up with me on Instagram you’ve surely seen that we’ve gone through some hardships in my family recently as my dear uncle (the one who’s home you’ll get to see in the photos below) left us unexpectedly in a mountain climbing accident. My Great Grandmother also passed away the next day following his death. At the same time we were going through a major, stressful, horrible merger at work which eventually led to me loosing my job. Luckily, I’d planned & prepared to my first craft show this past weekend. It was as if God was setting me up just for this. Overall I did wonderful for my first time, despite the temperature being in the upper 90’s! I am so happy to be able to work on doing what I love for now & very excited for all the changes coming in the future. I’m also thrilled to be back with plenty of time to work on blog projects & grow this community! I’ve been able to get lots of new projects started around the house too. I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks!

Another reason I’ve missed a few weeks of blogging is my attempts to explain our wedding. It was big & huge & oh so detailed. I have almost 800 photos y’all! All of which I am so thankful for, but it’s a lot of meat to pull from. Figuring out just how to approach this has been fairly difficult. Yet, I’ve finally decided on how I’d like to do this. Rather than doing a couple of posts that drag on & on forever, I’m going to do several mini posts on the details starting with Part I today! So stay tuned & I’ll link them all up together in a big bundle at the end if you’d rather get everything in at once.

Okay now onto our beautiful arch!

My amazing husband happily volunteered to put together our arch. I wanted something rustic that reflected the Texas hill country & mirrored the style of the house.

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

I am 100% in love with the way it turned out. So here’s how we did it.

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

Supplies needed: 2- 8″x8″x8′ beams | 1- 4″x8″x8′ beam | 4 large galvanized bolts with washers & nuts | stain | 2 large planters | 4 bags rocks | 2 bags dirt/potting soil | flowers

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

The 2 larger beams are used for the bases & the 8″x4″ is used for the top piece. First, cut down any wood that needs to be sized. We found all of ours at Home Depot & didn’t need to do any adjusting.  Next is the only tricky part, cutting notches into the beams for the top piece. Think lincoln logs. Michael cut in 8″ from the top & 4″ in. He used every kind of saw we had to achieve different steps of this. Try whatever method seems easiest to you

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

Ideally, the top piece of wood should sit right in the notches. Once everything is lined up the way you want it you need to mark where you need the holes & then drill away. Use 2 bolts on each side. We suggest drilling the holes a tiny bit wider than the bolts. We had to use a mallet in order to get them to go in. Sand any rough edges & give it all a good coat of stain.

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

This is set up in our yard…we didn’t realize how hug it was going to be!

We kept the arch apart in pieces so it could easily travel to our venue. Once we arrived we the boys put it together on the ground. We set up the pots where we wanted each base to sit then held them in the pots. You will need extra people to help hold everything up. Make sure the arch is exactly where you want it because it won’t be easy to move after this.  The bags of rocks were poured all around the bases first- 2 bags in each pot. Next we spread the dirt on top & the arch was totally secure. You’ll probably want to add in some pretty flowers on top too. Then you’re all done!

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

I had a friend make the deer head for us to go on top. My brothers attached it to the middle with twine. Simple rustic perfection.

DIY Rustic Arch | | #diywedding

Good luck on your arch building!


PS- Wedding photos via Katie Hill Photography!

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