Meet the Mealeys – Our Wedding Day Photos

So I’m siting here watching the Duck Dynasty wedding of John Luke & Mary Kate while going through all of our photos & their wedding reminds me so much of ours. I love the simplicity of the outdoor ceremony & some of their little details match ours, including hydrangeas everywhere!

Now that I’ve started posting wedding photos, I can’t stop! I have other posts to schedule in between but that may or may not happen. It may be straight weddingness without a break! No complaints here!

I thought I’d share my favorites from our wedding day photos. This was actually the only few minutes we spent together without everyone else around until we left that night. So there’s some sweet moments captured

Let’s get to those photos!

View More: View More: View More: Mealey Wedding-Reception-0276 View More: Mealey Wedding-Reception-0024-1 Mealey Wedding-Reception-0026-1 View More:

Photos by Katie Hill Photography

Blessings Y’all!


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