My Cleaning Schedule [+Printable] & My Tips for Keeping Things Clean

It’s almost Friday! Yay!

I thought I’d share a little bit about my cleaning routine with y’all today. You see, sometimes I get crazy. I really really like it when things are clean & organized & completely spotless. I may have been compared to Monica on Friends a few times…for further clarification watch this short clip.

I don’t vacuum the vacuum cleaner, but I do clean it off with clorox wipes. I don’t think that’s bad. 😉

#Printable #Cleaning Schedule + 7 Tips for Keeping Things Clean! | | #cleaningtips

Since we’re not married yet, my fiancĂ© lets me come over everyday & work on house decor/blog projects & I’ve set up an entire room as my studio. So I happily keep things clean & cook delicious meals for him.

I’m going to share my best tips for keep up with it all. Now keep in mind, I don’t have children to run after all day so it’s probably much easier for me at this point than for most of you!

#Printable #Cleaning Schedule + 7 Tips for Keeping Things Clean! | | #cleaningtips

Tip #1- Make a Schedule!

I’m a major routine follower, list maker, scheduling things kid of person. So I try to follow the same cleaning schedule very week. Knowing what I need to get done everyday really helps me to stay on top of things. Plus if you know you’ll gone all day tomorrow, you can do the next day’s chores ahead of time.

 Tip #2- Keep Things Clean!

On my schedule, you can see that some things get cleaned 2-3 times a week. That way there’s not too much time for things to dirty that way. Keeping things clean makes things go faster the next time around. At least that’s the way I see it. It gets so much harder & more time consuming the longer you wait between cleanings. Don’t let the dirt build up!

 Tip #3- Choose & Maintain a Laundry Day(s)

I realize this goes against basically all other cleaning tips & laundry plans you’ve ever heard. But this is the way my mom’s always done it & it works great for me too. Most people advise to do at least one load of laundry a day so it doesn’t pile up. I couldn’t disagree more. Pick one day a week, or two if you’re afraid you don’t have enough clothes to last the week, & do all your laundry on that day. It’ll save on water & electricity because you’ll run a few large loads rather than a handful of small ones. You can see on the schedule that I’ll wash rugs or bedding or kitchen towels on other days as needed. But I save all the clothes & bath towels for Thursdays.

Tip # 4- Clean the Shower While You’re In It 

This may be a no brainer to some of you. But seriously, it’s easiest to do it while you’re already taking a shower. It’s quicker, less messy, & just makes more sense. You could even keep the bottle of cleaner & a sponge or scrub brush in the shower. Better yet, get one of those dish scrubbers you can put soap in & add your cleaning solution instead. Cleaning the shower is now a breeze.

Tip #5- Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You’ll Use It

I find it convenient to keep separate sets of cleaner in each bathroom & in the kitchen. It makes things so much easier for me & I’m more likely to use them if I don’t have to run around the house chasing after cleaners. That includes rolls of paper towels too. It may seem a little pricey to buy multiple bottles of the same cleaner, but you can build up to it. When you empty a bottle don’t throw it away. Instead, split the new bottles contents up between both bottles & keep going until you have enough. Or stock up on cleaners when they’re on sale & use coupons! In my opinion, it’s so worth it. It definitely saves time as well.

Tip #6- Keep Used Dryer Sheets

There are endless uses for these things & you’re recycling them if you use them in the dryer first. I keep my used ones in a mason jar above the dryer & go grab some when I need them. I use them when I need to freshen up pillows or soft furniture. I just wipe the sheet all over, picking up little pieces of dirt & lent & leaving a fresh scent. I also use them to dust the baseboards & you can use them for other surfaces too. I even leave them in the bottom of trashcans or hidden in clothes drawers & gym bags to help keep things fresh. Sneak them into stinky sneakers to spread extra freshness. I’m sure you can find at least 100 more uses for them on Pinterest too!

Tip #7- Leave Your Blow Dryer Plugged In Until You’re Finished With Your Hair

This one might sound insanely silly. I always leave my blowdryer out until I’m totally done with my hair. When I’m done I use it blow all the hair on the floor into the corner. Then it all creeps into a little pile where I pick it up & throw it away. It takes about 2 seconds & makes a world of difference. I get hair all over the floor while i’m fixing my hair & this is the easiest way to clean it all up without having to sweep every single day.

Here’s a blank cleaning schedule for you to print out & personalize & a copy of mine in case you want to use that one. Get them here>>Cleaning Schedules

Or right click/save as from below.

Blank Cleaning Schedule Cleaning Schedule

That’s all I’ve got for now folks! Please share your best tips below!

Happy Cleaning Y’all!


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