14 Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Houston!

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This is SUCH an exciting post, because it’s officially December & I cannot wait to go look at lights! We already visited one place on the list this year, I’ll tell ya more about it when we get there. Most of our neighbors have already gotten theirs up so we’re planning on figuring it out next weekend. I’m sure Michael’s super excited to get to put up his own lights for the first time ever…okay so maybe not as excited as I am to put up my first tree ever. But you get the idea, he’s not nearly as excited as I am. Ha!

One of my absolute favorite traditions as a kid & obviously still now, is driving around with Bing Crosby in the background & hot chocolate nearby looking at the gorgeous lights. My parents did this with us a lot as kids. I’m pretty sure they used it solely to get us to fall asleep when we were young. It’s something we still try to do all together at least once a year, sometimes late on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. I’ve compiled this list from personal experience & research research research, aka Google!

Houston Christmas Lights

In no specific order, here are 20 great places to go check out lights in & around Houston.

Click on the place to find more info if available & click on the map for directions!

Highland Villagemap

Zoo Lights- map

We visited a few weekends ago & felt like it was really worth our  money. It took us over an hour to go throughout the whole zoo & see all the lights. Plus you get to see a few animals!

Winter in Pearland- map

Festival of Lights (Moody Gardens)- map

I haven’t been there in years, but it was magnificent when I was a kid. I can only imagine it’s gotten better over the years.

Green Tea Terrace- map

This is where my family goes every year to look at lights.

River Oaks- map

The Christmas Train (Victory Camp)map

Kinda biased about this place, but they did come up on a few of the other lists in my research. This is where I’ve grown up & spent half my life working summers there. You may even spot me volunteering if you visit!

Lights in the Heights (Woodlands Heights)- map

Prestonwood Forest- map

Shepherd Park Plaza- map

Discovery Green- map

This place is just so cool plus they have ice skating!

Pecan Grove Plantation- map

Dickinson Festival of Lights- map

Bufkin’s Winter Wonderland- map

Please please please comment with any suggestions you have! They’re welcome!

Blessings Y’all!


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