Super Creamy Mashed Potatoes

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It’s potato day. I don’t know about you, but potatoes play a pretty high role at our Thanksgiving table & most years, I get to make them. Some times my mom makes them, but she taught me everything I know! If you’re still looking for a delectable mashed potato recipe, I’ve got it right here for ya! It’s an easy recipe that you can definitely play around with & make your own. In fact, I encourage you to do so!

You might have noticed there was no new post yesterday & that’s because I planned to do a how to/cooking video. We made the video, it wasn’t too terrible, I was so excited & so nervous. I went to upload it it to youtube & it won’t work. 🙁 We tried to fix the things that could have been wrong with it & it still did not work. 🙁 I simply took it as a sign that these potatoes weren’t meant to be recorded & posted online for the world to see. So here’s the recipe anyway!

There’s no step by step photos because well, there was supposed to be a step by step video…anyhow here we are & here are my lovely potatoes.

Extra Creamy Mashed #Potatoes Perfect for #Thanksgiving | | #food #recipes #mashedpotatoes

This is a very basic recipe for creamy perfect mashed potatoes. I always start with a stick of butter & add an extra tablespoon or two at the end. That & a lot of salt are my secrets. I use milk, cream, & sour cream because I think a dairy trifecta is the best.

Extra Creamy Mashed #Potatoes Perfect for #Thanksgiving | | #food #recipes #mashedpotatoes

From here you can add cream cheese, shredded cheese, alouette, roasted garlic or fresh herbs. Take this recipe as your base & then fix it up for your Thanksgiving crowd!

Extra Creamy Mashed #Potatoes Perfect for #Thanksgiving | | #food #recipes #mashedpotatoes

Enjoy perfectly. creamy potatoes this Thanksgiving!

Download/print the recipe for  Creamy Mashed Potatoes or right click/save as from the image below.

Extra Creamy Mashed #Potatoes Perfect for #Thanksgiving | | #food #recipes #mashedpotatoes

Good luck potato makers! & happy almost Thanksgiving to you!

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