How to Shop for Cute Clothes at Walmart

Yes, all things are possible!

I’m working on making my blog more ‘my voice’ & less what everyone else is doing. I want it to be different than all the other blogs out there & more about my own likes, concerns, ideas, creativity, etc. I do love sharing other blog’s great ideas however, like yesterday’s St. Patty’s Day Desserts. There are some very talented people out there & I hope to be as big as them one day! But I want to get there by keeping my voice! We all have something wonderfully different to offer & I want to be a part of that, not just another same old same old blog. Do y’all hear me?

Anyways…I’m through with my soapbox announcements!



This is totally a ‘me & my voice’ kind of post. Hence the above ramblings. I thought y’all needed some explanations.

My incredible grandmother is a Walmart shopper. I mean for real. My grandparents really like to travel around the country. I’m convinced it’s just so they can visit all the different Walmarts. Seriously, if there were a contest for “Most Walmarts Visited in a Lifetime” they would win, hands down. Sometimes they took me around to 4 or 5 Walmarts in day.

In all those Walmart visits, my Grandma taught me how to shop the sales. She’s the absolute queen of clearance. I learned all my tricks from her. She was an extreme couponer before extreme couponing even existed.

Past all the “people of Walmart,” the velour pantsuits, gigantic sweatpants, & awful screened tees, there is fashion to be found! Especially on those clearance racks. I’ve found clothes on those for only a buck before & they have been totally wearable! You can find super cheap, good fitting jeans too. A few weeks ago, I picked up some gray wash jeans for $5.00 & over the summer, a pair of adorable white & blue floral jeans for $4.00, which just happened to fit perfectly.

It’s all about the hunt. You can’t give up! Cruise through & see what catches your eye. At first you may turn your nose in disgust. But look further, you’re bound to find something cute/affordable/fashionable. I really like their plain v-necks. They usually have a table with shelves with some colored v-necks for $5.00 or so. They always fit & are a handy go-to in your wardrobe. Sometimes they’ll have them in cute stripes & patterns too. That’s an easy way to change up your look & add some color. Secondly, head for the clearance racks. They’re usually in the middle between the women’s/junior’s sections. Like I said, you may turn in disgust at first glance. But don’t quit now! Rummage through rack, there may be that one to-die-for item marked down to $3.00 in your size. I can’t promise you’ll always find something, but it is so worth the look when you do find somehting(s) amazing for a rock-bottom price!

Last night I stopped by Walmart & thought I’d browse through the clothing section. Here’s what I found-


This lovely cranberry cardigan on sale for $5.00 & this flowy top, just a shade lighter for the same price, $5.00. These would go great together with some black leggings & brown leather boots. Add a skinny belt, a scarf, or a big chunky necklace & you’ve got yourself an outfit! Of course, you can wear them separately too. I really love the fit of the top & the longer sleeves. Theres also brassy stud details on the shoulders & top of the back. It would look fab by itself with a pair of jeans or jeggings & some chunky metal bracelets.


This dress was not on sale, but it was less than $15.00. I just found my Easter dress folks! You can’t tell in the photo, but the top is a creamy lace overlay. The skirt is feminine perfection in the oh-so-popular mint green & they pull it together for you with the skinny brown belt. I’ll probably some nude sandal wedges with it. You could even wear this to some spring weddings, showers, etc. The chambray top was on sale for $7.00 & I am in love with the dark wash. Everyone knows the most durable way to this is with black leggings & boots, maybe a scarf. But really, the possibilities are endless. I pictured it beside the spring dress, because I thought I may put it on over the dress, depending on the weather.

SONY DSCThis was also on sale (yipee!) for just $5.00. It’s a terry coverup. I love these kind of dresses to wear to the beach over my swimsuit in the summer. I’m imagining it with a white bathing suit underneath & some white sandals. It’s a wonderful punchy color for the beach or to wear to the pool.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!

What are your best tips for finding cute/affordable clothes?

Do you shop at Walmart for clothes?

Give it a try! Let me know what good deals you score!

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