Valentine's Tackle Box of Love + Printable

Last year around Valentine’s Day, I saw these for sale at Target.


I snapped a picture with my phone in hopes of remembering the idea for this year. It worked.   They are selling them again this year too.

However, I saw some major room for improvement:

A. The box isn’t even halfway full of candy.

B. It’s a bit pricey when you break down what you are actually getting.

C. No man would actually reuse that flimsy looking box for his tackle.

D. Are those even real candies? What are they? Does your man actually like said candies?

Feel free to disagree with me & buy the already made one. That’s fine. But I thought I could do it better. & I think you can too.


Step 1- Purchase a bigger, better, sturdier, more usable tackle box. I bought this beauty at Walmart on the fishing aisle (yes, that exists) for exactly $5.46

Step 2- Purchase appropriate candies. Make sure your gentleman likes them. Fish, worms, & frogs are best.


Step 3- Wash the box with hot, soapy water & remove the sticker(s).


Step 4- Let it dry.


Step 5- Cut apart the dividers. Get real close to the edge so they fit perfectly. Boys must be really good at this because I had a hard time.


Step 6- Keep cutting till you’re done. Okay you’re done.


Step 7- Place all the dividers wherever you would like them to go. Do not discard the extras. Chances are, someone’s going to ask you where they are after they finish the candy…


Step 8- Open up your bags/boxes of candy


Step 8- Lay them out if needed & trim to fit into box. Color code if necessary.


Okay these are just really cool. No step here. I picked them up at Target.


Step 9- Fill the box with delightful candies. Rearrange as needed.


Step 10- Stare at all the pretty colors & do not eat even one! I used every single piece of candy I bought. I totally thought I would have extra. Luckily, they all fit snuggly in the box.


Step 10- Download then print out the free printable (like above) I created (my first ever!) over at PicMonkey. Cut it out, & slap it on that box! Use glue dots, tape, whatever floats your boat.


Ahhh I love the final product! So will you! So will our fishermen!!


If only all tackle boxes were edible…


I would enjoy fishing so much more.


That was pretty darn easy to throw together & I had fun making it. Hope you like the idea & can try it for your man or son or dad or whoever! You could do this for Father’s Day or a birthday too. Just loose the lovey-dovey printable.

Last year, V-day looked liked this:


I made some adorable mailboxes using the ones from the Target dollar spot. They’ve got ’em this year too! I painted 2 candlesticks from the Dollar Tree then hot gorilla glued the mailboxes on top. I added heart stickers too.

I baked & baked & baked my little heart out- mini cherry pies, chocolate chip m&m cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, mini brownie bunts with m&m’s, & chocolate dipped rice krispy treats. Any man’s dream. & Valentine’s Day is not properly done without a red velvet cake. I did mine in a bunt pan with cream cheese icing. Yum!

I also made a “10 Reasons I Love You” card with unlined notecards & an open envelope. I found the chipboard letters in the Target One Spot too. That’s our dinner table in my little dorm room. Michael made microwave lasagna & it was actually pretty good!

Hope you are having a lovely first of February friends.

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