Peppermint Marquis

We are iced in today & probably for the rest of the weekend.  I’m experiencing the coldest weather of the my life. Luckily, I stocked up on taquitos & Dr. Pepper yesterday. The power was out for a few miserable hours this morning but has stayed on since. How is it where you are? Hope you’re bundling up by the fire with some hot chocolate. :)

So you know how Sonic gives out peppermints with your order? I’ve been saving those little guys for years. Literally.

Why you ask? Well my Nana had this peppermint wreath when I was a little girl & I’ve secretly been planning to recreate my own.

Sadly, I still have no where near enough mints. Despite my almost-daily Sonic visits. Maybe next year…

In the meantime, I wanted to use up at least a few of my mints for a Christmas craft. If I can’t make a wreath, the next best thing is a J, an O, & a Y right?

It came together in the cutest peppermint marquis!

Of course, you could spell out anything you like. NOEL or WISH would be cute too!

I hot-glued unwrapped peppermints to cake boards in the shape of the letters & done!


So easy. Seriously.

Check out my other Christmas crafts below!



For even more, see all my Christmas posts.

19 days & counting!

Stay safe & warm y’all!

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