Disney World Secrets & Tips

We are heading to Florida in less than 4 days & I am bursting with excitement!! I have spent the last 2 nights pouring over Pinterest & scouring the internet for the best secrets, tips, etc. related to Disney World. I have come up with quite a book full. You may see my Pinterest board where I’ve rounded up all these tips or simply take a look below at what I considered essential, significant, important, or plain interesting. I hope this helps some other families whom are Disney bound this summer. Also, please share any of your own tried & true pointers!

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Head to the back of the park. When you first arrive at the park, go straight to the back. Most people will start with the first ride they see.

Get your fast passes early on in the day!

Think left. It is most people’s inclinations to go to the right side first, so if you see two lines for a ride, hop in the left one to shave off a little waiting time. If you’re going around World Showcase or the Magic Kingdom, start on the left side going counter-clockwise.

Get in line right before the parades. About an hour before most parades start, people will put a halt on their attraction and ride plans to score a front row parade spot. If you don’t care about getting a primo spot (or about seeing the parade at all), use this time to get in line for big rides.

Shop on your way out. When the park closes, they shut down the rides, but they don’t actually kick you out of the park or close the stores. So spend your valuable time on rides when they’re running, and shop as you make your way to the gates.


Chewing gum is not sold anywhere on Walt Disney World property. Plan accordingly.

If you are a veteran ask at City Hall (Magic Kingdom) first thing in the morning if you can participate in the evening Flag Retreat.

If you eat a meal in a park or hotel that you really enjoy, you can ask for the recipe!!!!  {It may be in bulk when you receive it though!}

When riding the ferry boat or the monorail ask the Cast Members if they have any trading cards – they sometimes give them out and there are lots to collect.


You can enter the Animation Building in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for some of the best character meet & greets in Walt Disney World by going through the Art of Disney store (skipping the Animation Academy attraction). Likewise, you can experience Turtle Talk with Crush without doing the Nemo dark ride by entering The Seas pavilion through the gift shop at the exit.

Animal Kingdom – Camp Minnie Micky has a variety of characters in safari gear.

Epcot – find all the original characters in an air conditioned waiting area.

Hollywood Studios – Look in the art of animation for character greetings and at Pixar Place for Woody and Buzz.  The Cars are available for pics but are not animated and don’t sign books.  Phineas and Ferb are right next to them and do a cute little show with the kids waiting in line.

Magic Kingdom – the classic Mickey and a selection of princesses are located in the Town Square as soon as you enter the park, all the way to the right. Storybook Circus now has Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, and Ariel is in the new Fantasyland.

Character meet & greet lines are typically shortest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and typically longest in the Magic Kingdom.


Buying pins from Amazon or eBay to trade with Cast Members is the difference between spending $1 per pin and $8-10 per pin. Just be sure you purchasing real pins. Cast Members will not trade for pins that are illegally made, etc.

Disney’s Character Warehouse is an outlet carried heavily discounted and discontinued Disney merchandise. They have two locations off property, on I-Drive near Universal Orlando and on Vineland near Downtown Disney.  The Vineland location is larger and closer to Walt Disney World.


If you are celebrating a special occasion, make sure to pin up a button reflecting the celebration at your resort hotel or in the parks from Guest Services. You may receive special treatment if wearing the buttons.

Free Wi-Fi internet is now available in the theme parks and resort hotels at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World counter service restaurants will give you a free cup of water (ask for a large cup!) or a free cup of hot water.

Get a free caffeine fix at Epcot’s Club Cool, where there are eight flavors of Coke products from around the world. Make sure to try the Beverly. It’s a rite of passage!

In the parks, Sunshine Seasons and Electric Umbrella at Epcot, Tortuga Tavern and Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Restaurantosaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom all have drink refill stations for free refills.

PhotoPass Cast Members will take (free!) photos of you with your camera, so don’t be afraid to ask! Make sure your settings are dialed in before handing them the camera, as they will not typically adjust settings.

Hidden Mickey spotting is a fun game for kids. The books/apps have different point levels for the various Mickeys. Offer prizes to add to the fun. If Hidden Mickeys aren’t your thing, bringing along an Imagineering Field Guide and hunting for hidden details is a great way to increase your appreciation for the design of the parks.

Campfire Sing-Along with Chip & Dale is a (free!) campfire show at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground every night at 7 or 8 p.m., depending upon the season.

You can bring your own food and drinks into the park, no alchohol.


If you’re entering the Animal Kingdom and there’s a long line at the turnstiles, try going through the Rainforest Café: there’s a park entrance at the rear of the gift shop.

Each morning, 15 minutes before the schedule opening time, you can go through the turn styles and head to the Tree of Life area.  Soon, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy arrive to welcome you to the park!  Soon Mickey appears and gets on the truck and you can follow them into Harambe as the Adventure Begins in the Animal Kingdom!

Character meet & greet lines are typically shortest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and typically longest in the Magic Kingdom.

Camp Minnie Micky has a variety of characters in safari gear.

If you see a tree creepin’ down the walkways at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, stop and watch. It’s actually DiVine, an incredibly talented (and camouflaged) performer.

On the Discovery Island Trails, look for a hidden, shaded rock. In the rock are small holes – look through to see animal carvings on the Tree of Life.

At Raffiki Planet Watch in the men’s room where all the animal faces are, you can take a Whiz Quiz. While standing at the urinal you can entertain yourself pondering random questions that are posted about other animals’ bathroom habits. The curiosity won’t kill you: you will get the answers when you wash your hands.

Stop and look down at the walkway under your feet.  Did you know, for example, that the leaf prints and mud cracks were made by a mold?  The Imagineers actually took a large patch of mud, made a cast of it, and then reproduced it for the walkways of Disney’s “Africa.”  They even distressed and widened the naturally occurring cracks by squirting them with a hard stream of water from a hose.

In Animal Kingdom, there is a bridge near Kali River Rapids. There are buttons that cause the elephant statues to spray water on the riders in the rafts below.

Animal Kingdoms centerpiece and icon, the Tree of Life, is not only built on top of an oil rig, but it is covered in hundreds of hand carved animals. And to top it all off (literally), each of the 103,000 artificial leaves on the tree were attached by hand.



Take it all in, go for a walk around, it’s huge! Straight out back from the main entrance is an entire African savannah, complete with viewing areas. You’re guaranteed to catch Giraffes, Zebra, maybe an elephant and all kinds of birds and flamingo!

The Animal Kingdom Lodge also has a very nice play structure and on certain nights, they have a camp fire going where you can roast s’mores.

If you go for an evening meal to AKL (Jiko’s or Boma’s), go early to view the animals, around 5pm, because that’s when the feeding troughs are filled, and it tempts the animals nearer the viewing areas.



As guests enter the loading area for DINOSAUR, you’ll notice a series of red, white, and yellow utility pipes running along the walls, with chemical compound formulas written on them to indicate their contents. This is a secret for the scientists out there, because those formulas are actually for ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard!

The highway sign in Dinoland is route 498 (park opened in April 1998).

In Animal Kingdom, in Dino-Land, as you go under the gigantic dinosaur and head toward Tarzan Rocks, look under the dinosaur to see if it’s male or female.  Nothing gross, just the way the lights are presented tells you what it is.



The lions on the Kilimanjaro Safari have come a long way to be with guests at Walt Disney World no, they’re not from Africa, but they are originally from Oregon! The change of climate and the intense Florida heat made the adjustment to their new home so difficult that Imagineers decided to air condition a portion of their safari habitat.

The animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari are most active first thing in the morning.


Free parking found here!

At the Marketplace amphitheater in Downtown Disney each night the DJ teaches dance steps and holds a dance competition.


The best place to meet characters is at Epcot.

A sidewalk that travels past Disney’s BoardWalk Inn (or Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts) and the Swan & Dolphin connects Epcot (through the International Gateway) to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Walking between the two parks takes around 30 minutes and can be faster than any other transportation between the two parks.

Get a free caffeine fix at Epcot’s Club Cool, where there are eight flavors of Coke products from around the world. Make sure to try the Beverly. It’s a rite of passage!

If you’re “Drinking Around the World” in Epcot, stop at La Cava del Tequila in Mexico instead of the stand outside. Much higher quality drinks.

You can also see Epcot’s Illuminations fireworks from the Boardwalk. It’s still gorgeous, and much less crowded.

The bridge connecting Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club to Disney’s BoardWalk Inn is a decent place to watch Illuminations: Reflections of Earth from outside Epcot. The best viewing place for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is between the two gift shops as you enter World Showcase. This spot is informally known as the “Front of the House.” Other good spots include the Italy Isola, the area behind the Rose & Crown pub, and the bridge between France and the United Kingdom.

Outside Innoventions West at the entrance that opens to the fountain area there are some ground tiles that light up at night in different colors and designs. There are also some that light up as you exit Epcot by Spaceship Earth, too.

The “Candy Artist” in Japan makes beautiful rice starch candy suckers in the shape of just about any animal that you request. She picks children or adults that are standing quietly. She will make about 4-5 suckers each session. The times are on the Epcot schedule that you receive when you enter the park.

Pick a Pearl was an experience you will always remember! In the store in Japan, you can select an oyster that they open in the store; the pearl inside the oyster you pick is yours to keep.

There is a hedge maze in the back of the UK.

In Epcot In World Showcase, moving clockwise heading into France, you’ll notice that there is a section of pavement that looks different. This is supposed to symbolize the Straits of Gibraltar. Then continuing on past France, the bridge symbolically crosses the English Channel.

Walk through to the back of the Canada Pavillion to find an abandoned mine and a waterfall.

To see a Princess, go to Norway.

At the African Outpost in Epcot open the lids of the crates and see what happens.

China offers a daily acrobatics show performed by the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats. Consisting of 8 people under the age of 21, the troupe wows crowds with extraordinary flexibility and agility. Get there early to get a good spot.

Right next to the Paris pavilion is a walkway that will lead you in and out of Epcot. Take this for a 3 minute walk to Disney’s Beach Club Resort where you can dine at “Beaches and Cream” and divulge in the best ice cream sundae of all time, the Kitchen Sink.

In The Land pavilion, the Living with the Land attraction takes guests through a production greenhouse showcasing fruits and vegetables being grown on-site as Disney researches sustainable growing practices. But did you ever wonder what happens to the ripe produce? Its served to guests throughout restaurants in Epcot!

Find all the original characters in an air conditioned waiting area.

The aquarium in The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion is bigger than Spaceship Earth! In fact, its the largest salt water tank in the world, holding 5.7 million gallons of water, and Spaceship Earth could be fully submerged within it, with lots of room to spare.

In the Mission Space ride vehicle press all of the buttons as nearly all of them make something happen.


A sidewalk that travels past Disney’s BoardWalk Inn (or Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts) and the Swan & Dolphin connects Epcot (through the International Gateway) to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Walking between the two parks takes around 30 minutes and can be faster than any other transportation between the two parks.

At Hollywood Studios, you should visit the Art of Animation on nights when Fantasmic isn’t playing, between 5 and 6pm.

Look in the Art of Animation for character greetings and at Pixar Place for Woody and Buzz. The Cars are available for pics but are not animated and don’t sign books.  Phineas and Ferb are right next to them and do a cute little show with the kids waiting in line.

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, tour the animation exhibit, then line up at the animation studio door. A Disney animator will teach a class on how to draw a classic Disney character. The animators teach a different character at each session, and you have no advance notice of which character you’ll be drawing during each class. The class holds 25-30 people, lasts about half an hour and is free. You may get lucky and find Fantasia Mickey right outside your classroom, just as you finish drawing him.

 The Singing in the Rain Umbrella is near to the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Hold onto the handle & step onto the black square:  it triggers ‘rain’ that falls down over the umbrella.

Go into Muppet Vision 3D, at the entrance turnstiles on the right is a ticket window with a notice that says – “Closed – Key under Mat”. You should look under the mat and see if the key is really there.

Just by the Indiana Jones show, there are some crates hidden in the bushes, which are marked ‘don’t open’ – go ahead & open them!

Outside the Indiana Jones show at DHS there is what looks like a dig site/deep well to the right of the entrance with a sign that says “Do not pull the rope.” If you pull on the rope you’ll hear someone down in the well.

In the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror pre-show video, guests are told a legend about a group of guests who disappeared after lighting struck the hotel, supposedly sent to the 5th dimension. But while the attraction was being built, the tower actually was stuck by lightning.

In the shop next to Pizza Planet in DHS you’ll see several large wooden packing crates. Try lifting the lids of a few of them.


Don’t visit the Magic Kingdom on a Monday. Save it for the middle of the week when crowds are lower.

Avoid the Magic Kingdom during peak hours. It might sound like blasphemy but the lines can be insane and the crowd unmanageable between 11am and 5pm. Go to the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning for a couple hours or go back later at night.

If the Magic Kingdom is especially busy, take the monorail to Contempo Cafe in Disney’s Contemporary Resort or Captain Cook’s in Disney’s Polynesian Resort or take a boat to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and visit Roaring Fork for a counter service meal. These are three of the absolute best counter service restaurants in Walt Disney World.

Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom is open for breakfast an hour before the park opens (so is Cinderella’s Royal Table). This is not just a great opportunity for an early breakfast, but also for empty photos of the Magic Kingdom!

Arrive to the Magic Kingdom at least 15 minutes before it officially opens (as you should) and you will be rewarded with the Train Station Welcome Show. Perfect way to start a day.

If you’re an early bird with a child who loves pixies, this secrets for you! If you head straight back through Cinderella Castle at park opening and go directly to Tinkerbell’s Treasures (the shop to your left as you enter Fantasyland) you can ask a cast member if you can wake up Tink. If you’re the first one there, your child can participate in a special little ceremony that ends with lights, sounds, and a glimpse of Tinkerbell herself!

In the shop Tinkerbell’s Treasures in the Magic Kingdom (behind the castle) there is a little dresser up against the wall with a keyhole in one of the drawers. If you put your eye up to the keyhole you can see a little light and hear a bell as if Tinkerbell was stuck in the drawer.

Show up 30 minutes early to the Magic Kingdom and you can see characters like Mickey and Goofy arrive on a train. You’ll also enjoy the rides with minimal waiting time.

Character meet & greet lines are typically shortest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and typically longest in the Magic Kingdom.

The only place to meet Tiana, Naveen, Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider is at Magic Kingdom.

The classic Mickey and a selection of princesses are located in the Town Square as soon as you enter the park, all the way to the right. Storybook Circus now has Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, and Ariel is in the new Fantasyland.

Shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom are open up to an hour after the park closes. Do your shopping once you can’t do rides.

Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! It’s a street party at Magic Kingdom that takes place daily, at least 3 times. It lasts about 20 minutes.

If you bow down before Cinderella’s Fountain (behind the castle), you can see the crown on her head.

Sit on the stone ledge on the right side of the castle; you can hear Stitch giggle, and he will tell you to be quiet because he’s hiding.

My favorite hidden gem of Walt Disney World is the paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer Island. Every morning, Disney cast members hide 5 paintbrushes on Tom Sawyer Island. If you’re one of the first five to find one, you get a Fastpass to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It’s great fun for kids and always helpful to have an extra Fastpass.

At the Disney Railroad ask if the conductor needs any help and you may get to be a Guest Conductor. You can wear the hat, shout “All Aboard and ring the bell! You’ll also get a special Guest Conductor card to keep.

One of the horses on inner ring of Prince Charming Regal Carrousel has a gold ribbon on its tail. This is supposed to be Cinderella’s horse.

In front of the Carrousel is the Sword in the Stone. Occasionally a lucky prince or princess may be able to remove the sword.

The Swiss Family Treehouse is the only attraction that has a non-US flag flying permanently.

Apparently there’s a ring in the concrete outside of the exit of the Haunted Mansion, where the Bride who hung herself threw it out of the window.

9:00PM  Main Street Electrical Parade

9:45PM The Magic, The Memories, and You

10:00PM Wishes!

10:35PM The Magic, The Memories and You

11:00 Main Street Electrical Parade

The Electric Water Pageant is a cute little (unpublicized) light parade on Bay Lake outside the Magic Kingdom. It was originally created for the dedication of Disney’s Polynesian Resort in 1971 and was to run one night only. Due to popular demand, it still shows nightly! Approximate show times are: 9 p.m. at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, 9:15 p.m. at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, 9:30 p.m. at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, 9:45 p.m. at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, and 10 p.m. at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Electrical water pageant shows in the Seven Seas Lagoon usually an hour before Wishes. If you want to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from outside the park, the best location is from the Ticket & Transportation Center, to the right of the ferry launch.The beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is an alternative, but the view isn’t as good.

Best spot to see the Wishes Fireworks at Magic Kingdom: On the bridge between Main Street and Tomorrowland! Just almost under the Tomorrowland sign there is a big bench. Go EARLY & stake your claim!

You can always see Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Polynesian, Contemporary, and Grand Floridian Resorts.

Make an effort to hang around the Magic Kingdom for 30 minutes after it closes. You’ll be rewarded with The Kiss Goodnight.



Fantasyland attractions are best experienced first thing in the morning or last thing at night to minimize waits.



All of the shutters are hung slightly at an angle. This is because during the revolutionary war, England stopped shipping the US almost everything made of metal because the colonials would melt them down for bullets. One thing they did continue to ship was shutters. The colonials would take the metal hinges off the shutters to melt down for bullets and would hang the shutters with leather straps. Over time, the leather would stretch out, causing the shutters to hang at an angle.

There are building fronts with just door after door. The addresses on the doors are all two numbers. If you put 18 in front of it, that is the style of door that they would have had for that year. As you walk along, you can see the progression of the style.

From the windows to the hardware to the door and window styles themselves. Liberty Square was supposed to represent the East Coast of the United States all the way across to the Train station behind Splash Mountain which was to represent the West Coast of the United States. Pennsylvania is the “Liberty Tree and the Liberty Bell.” The small bridge and creek next to the “hat” shop near the shooting gallery is the “Little Mississippi.”

Ask to pilot the Liberty Square Riverboat. You will be able to steer the boat, ring the bell and sound the horn. At the end you may receive a special pilot’s certificate.



As you walk down the street make sure to look up at the names on the windows of the upper floors. You’ll see lots of names. These are the people that helped build the Magic Kingdom.

The Flag Retreat – every day at 5:00 pm the Magic Kingdom flag is lowered by the Security color guard with the Dapper Dan’s and the Main Street Philharmonic accompanying.

Town Square Exposition Hall- This is one of WDW free attractions where you can kick back and relax after a long day in the park. It shows continuous clips of early animation shorts. Many guests over look the numerous character cutouts that are great for photo opportunities. You might even find one of the Seven Dwarfs hanging out here and be able to get a great pic.This a great area to find coveted pins that many collectors are looking for. Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet is often performing here and you might just catch them.

Many design elements on Main Street are inspired by Marcaline, Missouri, the small town where Walt grew up.

The vehicles are fitted with a special motor that makes the same putting sound as the original ones did.

The horses that pull the carriages are Belgian or Percheron breed. They are boarded at the Fort Wilderness lodge, so if you are staying there you can go visit them. They are sprayed off every afternoon at the Main Street Firehouse to be kept cool from the Florida sun.

You can catch crystal cutters and glass blowers in action at Crystal Arts Building on Main Street. They mesmerize spectators with their skill and creativity!

Right by the entrance on Main St, have a seat beside Goofy’s statute on the bench, and listen closely because he will have something to tell you.

Everyday, just before Caseys Corner opens up to serve delicious hot dogs for lunch to hundreds of park guests, one little guest has the chance to make the memory of a lifetime! As a crowd gathers outside the closed doors of Caseys Corner, once child is selected to throw the opening pitch with a cast member, who then leads the crowd in a chorus of Take me out to the ball game before throwing Cracker Jack packages into the crowd!

If you’re traveling with a small child, go to the Harmony Barbershop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. If you get your child’s first haircut there, he will get a special cut, Mickey Mouse ears made for the occasion and a certificate celebrating this special event.



The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover is a great attraction for relaxing, and it rarely has much of a line.

There are “party line” phones on Main Street and in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. Pick them up to listen in on some hilarious conversations.

If you see a trash can, Push, roaming around Tomorrowland, stop and chat with it.

In Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland there are talking garbage cans along the left wall in the main area. (Look for the electrical cords leading to them)(first you have to put something in them.)

The easiest way to score big in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Range Spin are to know where the big hitting targets are! As you are leaving the first room turn around and shoot the back of the Orange robots arm or the back of the buzz saw offer lots of points. As you enter the second room, try to shoot the volcano. The jackpot appears to be the ‘Z’ target at the bottom of Zurg’s pulpit, reachable only just as you enter or (facing backward) just as you leave the third room.

Some common tips and tricks to increase your points on Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin are to shoot moving targets instead of still ones, and to aim for further away targets instead of those that are close-up. But some of the biggest points in the ride can be scored as you leave the first room use the joystick to turn your ride vehicle around and shoot the back of the orange robots or of the saw you can earn up to 100,000 points per hit!

There is a pay phone in tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom and if you pick it up you can hear Sunny Eclipses manager on the other end who also happens to be the fake alien singer in the restaurant Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland.


Each night at Disney’s Fort Wilderness (weather permitting), guests can gather round a big campfire for a sing-a-long led by everyones favorite chipmunks, Chip n Dale! The sing-a-long is open to all guests for free, and you can even bring your own fixin’s to make s’mores (or buy a kit at the resort) if you’d like an authentic campfire treat. (This may be one of the most fun Walt Disney World secrets.)

Walk through the front entrance into the Polynesian, a tropical paradise, and even if you are not staying as a guest, you will be greeted with an “aloha” and a free flowered lei necklace!

The Polynesian also offers prime viewing of the nightly fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. Sit for free on their sandy beach, and take in the fireworks, complete with the same musical program that can be heard live at the Magic Kingdom.


Yehaa Bob is a great, family-friendly entertainer who performs most nights at River Roost Lounge (which is a bar).

Jellyrolls is a fun dueling piano bar (for adults) located on the BoardWalk at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

If you’re “Drinking Around the World” in Epcot, stop at La Cava del Tequila in Mexico instead of the stand outside. Much higher quality drinks.


Disney is for dress up!

Frogg Togg Chilly Pads are a great way to keep cool in the parks. Lots of people swear by them. They’re just one of the unorthodox things you should pack for Walt Disney World.

Bringing along an umbrella and ponchos from home is much cheaper than purchasing them last-minute in the parks.

You will be walking miles everyday, make sure everyone has comfy walking shoes!


Guest: What Cast Members call the the visitors to the park. That’s why we have Guest Service Fanatic cards!

Fastpass: Special tickets that you get out of machines that make your wait time less for certain rides. They’re free, use your park ticket. Also, you can show up at any time AFTER it says on the ticket, and Cast Members have to honor it.

Protein Spill: Someone vomited. Ick. Custodial has to clean it up.

101: The ride broke. Or, CM’s say that “the ride’s gone down”. For how long, we don’t know. Please stop asking. Go meet a Princess while you’re waiting.

Disney Point: Every cast member points with the index and middle fingers ‘glued together’.


So maybe it isn’t such a small world after all? Walt Disney World Resort is made up of 30,500 acres, making the Walt Disney World Resort roughly the size of San Fransisco!

The tree of life located in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is 14 stories tall, and features more than 300 animal carvings and it is 50 feet wide.

The Cinderella Castle has 18 towers and 13 gargoyles.

Walt Disney World Resort is the largest single-site employer in the U.S.A. with approximately 62,000 cast members.

Walt Disney World Resort Photopass photographer’s take an average of 100,00-200,000 photo’s of Walt Disney World Resort guests each day.

Hungry? More than 75 million Cokes are sold at the Walt Disney World Resorts each year, and 13 million bottles of water! 10 million hamburgers, 6 million hotdogs, 9 million pounds of french fries, and more than 300,000 pounds of popcorn are also consumed yearly at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Cast members playing Snow White and Ariel are not allowed to tan, even when they are not working. Why you may ask? Snow White can’t because she must have fair skin, and Ariel because mermaids do not have tan lines.

Lost and Found?  approximately 65 million pairs of sunglasses have made their way into the Walt Disney World Resort lost and found bin. Also, annually the parks find an average of 60,000 cellphones, 3,500 digital cameras and 18,000 hats!

Cinderella’s Castle is made up of fiberglass and stands at 189 feet tall.

Animal Kingdom is the largest Walt Disney World theme park encompassing 403 acres.

 It would take you more than 72 years to stay in a different hotel room each night at the Walt Disney World Resort.

EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Walt Disney World decorates over 15,000 Christmas trees during the holiday season.

Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safari’s is the largest single attraction created by Disney.  At over 100 acres in size.  In fact, the entire Magic Kingdom can fit inside this attraction.

While Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror was being built, it was struck by lightning!

A walk in closet? Mickey Mouse has more than 290 outfits and Minnie Mouse has over 200 different outfits.

The Magic Kingdom is built one story above the ground. Service tunnels have been built under the Magic Kingdom to provide access to all areas of the park for the cast member’s, trash removal, and restocking of the food and merchandise.Walt Disney did not like seeing people in space suits heading to work in Tommorrowland by walking down Main Street USA, nor did he like seeing bags of trash being dragged across the park, so the service tunnels were built.  The only problem was that if you dig just a few feet under the surface in Florida, you hit water,  the solution was to build the service tunnels on the ground level and build the park on top of the service tunnels; one story above ground. The service tunnels under the Magic Kingdom are built on 9 acres, take up 392,000 square feet. the floor plan resembles a wheel with spokes, the hub of which lies beneath the Cinderella castle. From there the tunnels branch out to all the other lands.

If you were to stack up the number of autograph books sold annually at Walt Disney World, the tower they would create would be as high as 200 Cinderella castles!

Enough Mickey mouse ears are sold annually to stretch 175 miles, if they were laid end to end.

Walt Disney World also sells enough Disney character T-shirts each year to put a t-shirt on the back of every man, woman and child in the state of Montana!

EPCOT’s spaceship Earth weighs 16 million pounds!

There are 6,000 different food items available in Walt Disney World.

The golden camel that is in front of the Magic carpets of Aladdin in Walt Disney World’s magic Kingdom, is controlled by a hidden cast member nearby and sprays unsuspecting guests as they walk by.

When I first heard about Club 33, it blew my mind for many reasons in addition to the fact that it exists at all! Okay, here’s the scoop! Walt himself built this super secret club behind a random green door in New Orleans Square. He wanted a place for VIPs and celebrities to have a place to gather. If you want to go, and hob nob with the likes of say Johnny Depp, you still can. You just have to put your name on a TEN YEAR waiting list and pay $10,000 in initiation fees. After that, it’s a bargain at $3500 a year!


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29 thoughts on “Disney World Secrets & Tips”

  • We found that the best place to watch Wishes is by Peco’s Bill cafe. Hardly anyone is over there and they shoot the fireworks off of Tom sawyer s island. It’s super nice as long as you don’t mind a little extra noise

  • That is an amazing list. One quick thing though. The “dream” stuff is no longer given out. All of the was during The Year of a Million Dreams which ended several years ago. That was also the time that you could win a night in Cinderella’s castle. This is no longer the case.

  • One thing I would caution you about is with the pins you get on ebay. A lot of them are counterfeit and if a CM or other trader noticed this they will not trade with you.

  • Hey, I love your compliation of Secrets! They’re very nice to have all together. I do have a couple corrections for you that may be helpful.

    -Please, if you are buying pins online – look for SCRAPPER-FREE sellers. The reason most of the pins are so cheap is because they’re not actual pins, they have something wrong with them or they were made illegally.

    -I may be wrong, but I believe Tinkerbell’s Treasures is closed now. (I love Tink, so I was very upset.)

    -Disney no longer allows you to use Fastpasses after their expired time, they changed this policy in the last year.

    But besides that – wonderful list!! 🙂

  • The character spot in EPCOT you mentioned is only for Chase Disney Visa card and Disney debit card holders. I think they ask to see your card.

    The debit card is free though and also comes with some nice discounts!

    • There are two character spots in EPCOT. One is within a certain time window and is only available to those with a Disney credit card (you also get a free 5×7 at this meet n greet). There is also EPCOT character spot which is available to everyone and usually features 3 characters. Both lines are inside and air conditioned.

  • The character spot in EPCOT you mentioned is actually only for Chase Disney visa and Disney Debit card holders.

    It’s free to add the debit card though if you already bank at Chase, it also comes with some nice discount and coupon opportunities for Disney vacations and at the stores.

  • thankyou so much for this incredible tips, I have just printed out most of it so I can read it carefuly and take it with me for reminders, my head justs can´t hold it all in… thanks!

    • That’s exactly what I did. I just reviewed over a section on the way to the park, depending on which one we were going to that day.You are so welcome! Happy you like it.

  • Such a good list! Many I’d never read before.

    The paint brush hunt on Tom Sawyers Island is no more though! My family went in 2012 and a cast member had told us that they had stopped doing it! We were all pretty bummed!

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