Clever 1

    I am delighted to be introducing a new addition to my blog: Clevers. They will be numbered in regular fashion, just to keep track of, starting with number 1 of course. I plan for these posts to be generally short & to the point. They may be helpful tips, wise words, funny thoughts, sarcastic sayings, etc. They may or may not contain a photo & that photo may or may not be good quality. I will probably be taking most of these guys from my phone. I may post one a day. I may post one a month. W’ell see! I’ll share them as they come! 

     Sooooo Clever number one!


     I admit, I’m a labeler! One of my favorite ways to label is with dry-erase markers. Mostly, because they are easily interchangeable. For example, on this set of plastic drawers. Just wipe away when it comes time for reorganizing. Great for reminders on mirrors as well. I use mine to keep a to-do list on my mirror, that way there’s no getting away from it. 

     Be aware of the product you are applying dry-erase markers too. If it looks like it will wipe away, do a test first. Make a tiny mark with a dry-erase marker in a unnoticeable corner. Leave for a full minute then try to wipe away with a paper towel. If it does not wipe-off easily, it is not dry-erase applicable! If the mark does not come off, dab some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball & rub away. 

     Now is a fantastic time to stock up on these markers-Back to School Shopping! I’ve even seen some coupons for these around, on facebook

     That’s it for the first clever! 

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