Today. Just Because I Feel Like It.

     Do you want to hear about my day? Well, quit reading this now if you don’t.

     I want to tell you about it, all in one sentence. 

     Orange Rolls, Unloading Sysco At Victory Camp, Car Shopping With Mom, Chauffeur Brother-Man To ACC, Bank, DAV With The Big Kids,  Taco Bell With Big Kids, Walmart With Everyone, Make $1.53 Couponing, Icecream, Bank Again, Car Shopping With Michael, Test Drive Over RR Tracks, Buy A Car,  Show-Off Car, Give Rides To Everyone In House, Turkey Dinner, More Rides, Make Surprise For Michael That I Can’t Talk About Yet But Want To, Blog.   

     Now that that’s out of the way, look at my pretty new car 🙂 


     She’s quite the charmer. We’re calling her Vera. Classy name for a classy car. Which is my first car ever by the way. MINE MINE MINE!!!!! Hooray! Sorry to bother you all with my excitement. I hope you don’t mind! 

     This blog is majorly pointless. I’m telling you now. So turn back if you are searching for some purpose. It’s my show off blog. My car, my thrifting, & my couponing. Why? Because it’s my blog & I want to! Just like that’s my car! 

     So anyhow, I have to share a secret about thrift store & craft supplies. They are very dear friends. I recently discovered the huge amount of CRAZY CHEAP craft supplies you can usually find at thrift stores. I haven’t paid over $2 for one thing. Going into Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Jo-Ann’s is a very bad thing for me. I spend quite a bit of money on things. Granted, things I will use. But I wasted a lot of time not looking at the thrift stores for supplies first. Of course, there will be several things you just can’t get at second hand stores. It’s just a tip worth taking! 


     For example, I paid about $3 for all of this thread. At an average craft/fabric store, each spool would’ve been at least a dollar & a half, if not more. I only buy them if they are still full & not used, obviously. 

     Other than that, I just want you to see these darling shoes I picked up there! As well as a few other items. Like the Vogue Sewing Book for $4!! It’s like an encyclopdeia-full of great information inside & photos. 


     It’s true, thrift store are full of junk mostly. Dirty, Smelly Junk. Sifting through all the junk proves worth it sometimes though, like today. Just be sure to keep some hand sanitizer handy 😉

   Oh, one last thing. I got paid at Walmart today, again. I made $1.53. Want to see what I got?


     More Kotex- 33 @ $.96 ea. used 33 $1/1 Any Kotex (from Free Samples) oop:-$1.32

     White Cloud Toilet Paper- 1 4pk. @ $2.08 used 1 $1/1 Any White Cloud (from All You) oop:$1.08

     Bayer Chewables- 2 @ $2.22 ea. used 2 $3/1 20ct. + Bayer Aspirin (from SS Insert) oop:-$1.76

     Ivory Soap- 2 3pk. @ $1.24 ea. used $1/1 Any Ivory or Safeguard (from P&G Insert) oop:$.48

    Ball Real Fruit Pectin- 3 @ $.97 ea. used $1/1 Ball Pectin or Food Mix (from SS Insert) oop:-$.09

     Black Flag Fly Paper- 4 @ $.98 ea. used $1/1 Black Flag Product (from SS Insert) oop:-$.08

     Nescafe Taster’s Choice- 2 @ $1.08 ea. used 2 $1/1 Any Nescafe product (from Free Samples) oop:$.16

     Meow Mix Pate Toppers- 1 @ $40. used FREE Meow Mix Pate Toppers (from Free Samples) oop:$0

     Take care lovely folks!

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