I Spy a Mason Jar

    A month ago I saw these fabulous mason jar travel mugs for sale at Buc-ees in Madisonville. They were so simply made I couldn’t wait to make one myself. I haven’t been able to find any tutorials on how to make these; I’ve only seen them for sale on Etsy. So I sort of figured it out with Michael’s help, of course. 


     You’ll need Waterproof Gorilla Glue, a tall Mason Jar, a drawer pull, & a handful of rubberbands. Oh & a heavy book!



     Beforehand, wash & dry the jar & lid. Then with a wet rag, dampen the spot on the jar where you plan to attach the handle. Place a small amount of glue onto the ends of the drawer pull & immediately press onto the jar. Lie the jar on its side & hold the handle in place until it does not slide off the jar. Be careful.




     Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then wrap a few rubberbands tightly around the jar & handle. 




     Place a very heavy book opened on top of the jar, like so. Let it dry like this for 2 hours. 




     Then you can use it! I’ll be using mine today on a short roadtrip with my sister & Jordan. We’re going to my aunt’s house & then a friend’s wedding. Just pop the lid on & you’re good to go. You could even decorate the jar front with pretty jewels, etc. 



  1. This is great! I was just wondering how you wash it though. Is it safe to throw in the dishwasher? Or just a light hand wash?

    1. Yes mam! Mine have held up well. One got thrown in the dishwasher…that one fell off. I have purposefully been rough with them to test it out. As long as you hand-wash only it should stay just fine. I used Waterproof Gorilla Glue. I think that was the key & allow plenty of drying time, like overnight.

  2. Hi, I have a question. I have been working with some photographs of my clients ( i am a photographer) where i would put their image inside glass pieces such as mason jars, glass snow globes etc.

    I love the image where your hand is holding onto the jar (with the towel in the background) and would like to try it out to see if i like the look with an image inside of it, as if we put the image inside, because that image reminds me of the building a boat inside a bottle sort of thing.

    Of course, this is your image, which is why I would like to ask for your permission to use it. If so, could you email me at christy@christy-marie-photography.com with permission to use your image?

    If not, I certainly understand. Thank you for your time!


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