Saltgrass Steakhouse Baked Potato Soup

    One chilly-rainy afternoon in Dallas last fall, Michael introduced me to the baked potato soup at Saltgrass. I am a potato fanatic, so it quickly caught my attention. He explained  to me that it was the absolute best potato soup; but, I must admit, I was skeptical at first. After all, Saltgrass is a steak place not a soup place. I ordered it anyway & filled myself up on bread (as a backup of course). When it was brought to the table the smell hit me first. It was a glorious aroma. I wish it came in a wall plug-in scent because I would use it, seriously. Sadly, it does not. The taste was 10 times better than the smell. I will never be able to eat another potato soup for the rest of my life; none other is comparable. We went to Saltgrass at least once a week throughout the entire winter & I ordered their baked potato soup every single time. 

     Knowing this weekly habit of visiting Saltgrass would not go on forever, I searched the internet for the recipe, or anything similar to it. To my splendid surprise I found a video on Youtube featuring a Saltgrass Steakhouse executive chef preparing their famous baked potato soup step by step! The only thing missing was the measurements. Soup measurements can’t be too difficult though. So I set to work & was pleasantly pleased with the product. The smell of the soup cooking at home is the exact match of the smell at the restaurant. The taste is perfect too! So first here is the video I found:

Saltgrass Steakhouse Baked Potato Soup

     I definitely suggest watching the video first. He provides several great tips. 

     These are my instructions-

    Ingredients include: potatoes, bacon, cream, an onion, garlic cloves, chicken stock, carrots, celery, green onions, cheddar cheese, salt & pepper. 

     First chop one pound of bacon into small bits. It is much easier to chop frozen bacon than refrigerated bacon. 

     Brown the bacon bits in a large pot on medium heat. Really brown them. You want all the bacon grease you can get out of it. 

     Finely dice 1 large onion & 1 stalk of celery. Unless you want to spend hours cutting up all the veggies, use a food processor. 

     Measure 2 c. of carrots & finely dice those as well. 

     Finely dice 1 package of green onions too.

     Save the white bottom parts that you do not use & rather than tossing them, sit the roots in water & they will regrow. Never-ending green onions! If they get too long & you’re not yet ready to use them, chop them & stick them in the freezer. They’ll last basically forever. 

Add all the diced vegetables into the pot with bacon. Let it all sauté & the vegetables cook together nicely. This is where it starts to smell incredible so enjoy the pre-show!

Add 2 tsp. salt & 2 tsp. pepper.

Toss in 2 cloves of minced garlic.

Cube 5 lbs. of potatoes & add to the vegetable mixture.  

Let the potatoes cook down until they absorb all the liquid. This should take about 20 minutes on medium heat.

Pour in 4 c. of chicken stock. 

Dump 1 quart of heavy cream into the pot as well. Then bring the soup mixture to a boil & mash the potatoes with a vegetable masher. 

Your soup should now look like this & carry a nice thickness. 

Finally, turn the heat to low & whisk in 1 lb. of shredded cheddar cheese. 

Now you’re ready to serve! Hooray! Taste the goodness!

I like to serve mine with warm crusty bread. This makes a full large pot of soup & stretches a pretty long way, possibly 24 servings. So try it at Saltgrass first then fall in love & go make it in your own kitchen!

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